Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Workbox Wednesday - Link up

Here is what is in our Summer school workboxes today!  

For Kayley's Summer K5 to 1st we will be working on:

Bible 1: Finishing up the Tower of Babel & still 
studying our operational definition of obedience
Reading: BOB books and The Cow Laid and Egg
Handwriting:  BJU K5 
Math:  Skip counting
Science:  Pocket Babies and Nature Journal
We are also working on memorizing
Mommy's cell phone number and our address.  
(Just in case!  You never know)

 For Maggies Pre-Preschool workbox we will be matching ark animals in our basic file folder game, playing with counting bears and counting cookies, practicing sticking our stickers onto paper, our textured flashcards, and she LOVES to look at magazines so she will have fun flipping through an older copy of The Friend.

That's about it!  We have a busy July still up ahead.  Elders for dinner, a training webinar for Mommy, a practice run making a "whoopie pie cake" for Kayley's birthday party, actually making "whoopie pie cake(s)?" for Kayley's birthday party, putting together goodie bags for Kayley's birthday party, Kayleys actual birthday party, Church, Kayley's actual birthday, Daddy's church meeting (on Kayley's birthday - I'm not sure how that is going to play out yet), Mommy's church meeting, Mommy's birthday, 2 days of Zoo School, a friends baby shower (at which I volunteered to make homemade ice cream!), another of Kayley's little girlfriend's birthday party and shopping for said events round out July!
Whew!  I'm tired just thinking about it!
Even though we are not 'technically' taking summer off from homeschooling, it has been really challenging to school through the summer when everybody else is off!  We are overwhelmed by invites to BBQs, birthday parties, and other activities.   Which is totally fun, but definitely keeps us off our usual, daily, activities.  Oh, and it has just been so hot!  Blah!

The plan is to start school August 1st.  
We need to get back into a routine!  
I'm worn out!  :)

Check out what everyone else is doing today over at 
Workbox Wednesday with Adventures in Home Education!

Workbox Wednesday


  1. Yes...I learned the hard way about memorizing mommy's cell. It was SO embarrassing when my 4th grader didn't know his mom's phone number and his coach needed to call me! Thank goodness we're friends! We had a good laugh...

    and the next day we added my cell to our opening exercises! lol

    I have a K going into 1st-ster too! Fun...


    raising little rhodies

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :D Glad you found some useful info there....I'm following you on GFC :D

  3. Thanks for linking-up (even though I was late getting things going)! Sound like your going to be very busy! We do a lighter schedule during the summer too but I think that we might have to take next summer off except for Religion and 1 other subject per kid (what ever they are struggling in)! It is really hard to "school" when everyone else is off! Take care!


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