Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hearts in Flight by Patty Smith Hall

Maggie Daniels was born to fly!  Serving as a WASP (Women's Army Special Pilot) during WWII Maggie is breaking the mold of the traditional woman.  While Maggie is trying to prove herself in her squadron her commanding officer, Captain Wesley Hicks does everything he can to keep Maggie off the flight schedule.  Wesley is still crushed by the loss of his sister who was killed during a routine flight.  When Maggie receives a threatening note and her best friend Donna is hospitalized after a suspicious near miss he becomes more and more concerned about keeping "Ace" safe on the ground and close to his heart! 

As a 10 year Air Force veteran I've heard a lot about the Women's Army Service Pilot's (WASPs) but never had an opportunity to learn much about them!  This book is totally out of my genre (I think WWII books are a snore) but I LOVED it!
A special thank you - thank you - thank you to Patty Smith Hall for sending me a copy of her book!

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