Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Hodgepodge of Pictures & Videos

Frustration with Facebook...

THE crazy Kayley Road Trip video...

I know this video has appeared on here before, but I had deleted it off my camera card! So, while I can pull it up in iPhoto...I cannot transfer it into iMovie! (Grumble grumble...iMac frustrations...grrr). I wanted to link to it from Facebook, but it wouldn't let me know matter which way I now I am going to post a new link to it, so I can try to figure out what I am doing wrong... Feel free to watch the video IS pretty entertaining.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big Girl Kayley!

Better late than never! I know it is the posting you have been waiting for! =)
Kayley just turned 3 on July 26th. I cannot believe that it has been 3 years now since this beautiful girl was given to us. We love her with all our hearts.
Happy Birthday Kayley!

Enjoy these pics of Kayley through the last 3 years...

Kayley at One.

Kayley at Two.

Kayley at 3.

Organ Stop Pizza

We had a fun time taking Gramma & Papa to one of our favorite places...
Organ Stop Pizza!

Shopping Spree

We got to spend a day shopping with Gramma & Papa...
We started our morning at one of our favorite places! "Chick-Play!"
Kayley really doesn't want to play by herself...she typically convinces Mommy up there in the tubes with her...but today....
She convinces Gramma to climb up there with her!
Then I think Papa must have gotten a little jealous, because even he climbed up there!!
Next we went to Bass Pro and tested some yachts...
Kayley drove.
Then we went and played in the shooting gallery.

We also spent some time at AZ Mills where we ate lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. We stopped to check out the alligator out front. He was full of coins!
Then Gramma & Papa both decided to get a the mall.
Then we had a good time riding some of the coin operated rides.
Gramma & Papa always travel with a roll of quarters...
It was such a fun time. We bought some sweatshirts and Croc-shoe jibbetts at the Disney store, then bought some more clothes from Gymboree! (My favorite!)
Thanks Gramma & Papa for having such a fun week shopping with us!

More Birthday...

I seriously cannot believe that my baby is 3!! Where did the time go?
It seems like just yesterday I was wondering when she would finally sleep though the night?
Now we are potty trained and we sleep 12 hours each night!
We had a few more presents to open after Kayleys ChuckECheese birthday party... We went home and just had a quiet little time opening a few more presents...

Gramma & Papa are here!

We've had such a busy week! We really love when Gramma & Papa come to visit. This time Papa had a big Sully from Monsters, Inc in his bag! Kayley was really excited to see him! He fits perfectly with her Mike Wazowski! Oh, and of course she was excited to see Gramma & Papa too.
His eyes change when you push on his head. It is pretty funny.
Kayley had a fun time pulling Papa's suitcase!

And it was really fun to have a friend in the backseat!
I like it when Papa makes us dinner. Yum!
Caprese Noodles!
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