Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Peer Pressure Already?

Kayley has a cute friend at preschool named Allison... They are super cute together, the best of little friends. The last couple of times I saw Allison she has had her cute little toenails painted. She is always excited to show me her pretty toes. I guess I hadn't really paid attention, but now Kayley noticed other people with nail polish and has expressed an interest in it. For those of you that know me well, you know that I rarely, rarely paint my nails. I guess I'm just not very "girly." But, we did last night. I figured, since we going on this job interview with James, nail polish might just be the thing to help us feel lovely and girly. hahah... I scrounged around and managed to find this sparkly pink polish. We did our fingers and toes. Kayley thought it was pretty neat.

Oh, and this morning when she got up...she had sucked all the polish off of her thumbnail. She was pretty upset and was going to cry...but a little touch up and it is all better now. =)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

But I knew...She had made me happy!

This is for my Mom...'cause I know this song will be in her head for days....
(it's a cute flowery dress too... in yellow...Kayley's favorite color.)

I saw her sittin' in the rain...
Raindrops falling on her....
She didn't seem to care.
She sat there and smile at me.
But I knew..... ( I knew I knew I knew I knewwwww)
She had made me happy....(Happy! Happy!)
Flowers in her hair.... Flowers everywhere....(Everywheerrreeee....)
I love the Flower Girl... I don't know just why...she simply caught my eye.
I love the Flower Girl...she seemed so sweet and fine...she crept into my mind....

Friday, April 24, 2009

It's Official!!!!

Drum roll please!!!
It is official!
James finally received his license to "officially" practice medicine.
At least in the state of Arizona.
Yay! We are so close to the end!
Residency is almost over!
Whoo hooo!
Congrats to my Doctor husband...
We love you and we are so proud of you.

Elephant Bath

Kayley giving the elephant a bath.

Incredible Elephants

We've almost made a full year of our zoo preschool programs. I'll be so sad when it ends because they are so much fun. I think June will be the last month, but it is already getting so hot that we may not do May or June. I'm still deciding. =) It was 102 degrees this week! sooo HOT!

Anyway, this program was all about Elephants! Here is Kayley waiting on the bridge to go in!

Creating elephant "ears."

This activity shows the kids how the elephants use their trunk to get treats out of the puzzle feeders...

I bet the elephants don't have Hershey's Kisses in their feeders...
Of course they had a sand table...Look a Bongo!
I'd never seen a Bongo until Dickerson Park zoo and now they are popping up everywhere!

And a water play area... Kayley gave this elephant a bath.

Painting...which she got all over her shirt...which took 3 washings to get it clean.

The next part was really cool. We went INSIDE the elephant enclosure and hid treats for the elephants to find. (No, the elephants were not in there while we were...)
Anyway...I took this pic of our strollers parked on the otherside of the fence. I have tons of pics of Kayley at this fence looking in...but probably nobody else has a pic of the fence looking out...
Elephant treats.
Hiding a treat in a log.
In a hole in the dirt.

There is the elephant trying to get treats out of the puzzle feeder. Hey! Doesn't she know we put treats everywhere else?

Kayley got a stuffed elephant toy...

And we always end our visit with a ride on the carousel.
Kayley opted to ride the hummingbird!


I was making dinner and was letting Kayley paint.
She decided to paint not only the paper, but her hands and arms as well....
Thank goodness for washable paint.

Little Dragonfly

Yup...I did make that hairbow myself... Turned out pretty cute.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Trip from Kayleys Camera

Drum roll please~! Here you are, direct from Kayley's Brand New Kid Tough Camera!
Here is the first test-shot to make sure it was working.
As for the rest of the photo's who they are/when they were/where they are and who took them...your guess is as good as mine!
Have fun looking!

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