Wednesday, April 24, 2019


I know it has been a long time since I blogged!  It just seems that life keeps getting busier and busier!  
Over the last couple of months the girls just keep plugging away at school in our quieter pockets of time while we have stayed extremely busy in other pockets!  

They have enjoyed doing several science experiments. 

Kayley transformed herself into a unicorn. 

We went to the Kids Safe Expo again this year.  
We always enjoy it! 

The girls enjoyed meeting Abby Dyer from KY3.

They also had an opportunity to learn some gun safety and practice shooting at a target. 

We found this random turkey egg in our backyard.
At least, we think it is a turkey egg! 

Kayley also had a chance to go roller skating for the first time.
She was pretty good at it! 

She also made about 247,982 batches of cookie dough for her girls camp fundraiser!

We also enjoyed a great family workday cutting down trees and splitting firewood!

Easter 2019

Well.  The Easter Bunny outdid himself again this year.  (Thanks to Papa!)  
He created a huge maze of yard through the yard and house.  Each girl had to follow their particular string to find the goodies at the end!

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Disney World 2019

We enjoyed a trip to Disney World this month!  This would be considered our summer vacation, since we generally try to go on vacation when everyone else is in school.  While we don't necessarily homeschool through the summer, we do not typically travel anywhere since things are busy and it is hot.  We had a great time, spending 5 days at the parks.  Here are a few pictures of our fun week!

First & last ride always involved the bus.  WDW does a pretty good job of transportation.  It was nice to just hop on the bus and go from place to place. 

The Lego Store at Disney Springs.
That's a LOT of Legos. 

Disney's Animal Kingdom. 

It was SO hot.  Look at this red face... 


We interrupt this vacation for laundry... 

It was terribly crowded, even in February.  
I cannot imagine trying to go in the summer, it must be nuts. 

The People Mover in Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom... 

We went to the Luau at the Polynesian Resort.  
It was really fun!

Toy Story Land, Hollywood Studios 

Our resort (the All Star Music) had Guitar Hero in the Lobby.
This became a favorite... 

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Maggie's 9th Birthday!

Eeeek!  Who let this awesome little girl turn 9???
Happy 9th Birthday to our spunky and sweet Magdalena! 

A 9 year old RICH girl...  Lucky kid.
Maybe I can get her to take me out to lunch?

And because I couldn't resist...enjoy this journey back through time.

Baby Maggie

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

4th Birthday

5th Birthday

6th Birthday

7th Birthday

8th Birthday 

Christmas 2019

I know, I know...I haven't blogged in ages.  I was actually debating on giving it up but thought maybe I should keep plugging away at it.  We have been SO boring, no adventures to share, we haven't traveled or done much...  But, it is still nice to document our weeks, for my own sake, if for now one else...

Anyway, we had a great Christmas this year...  The girls, of course, got their customary Christmas Eve PJ's.  (We always joke it is so they don't look scuzzy on Christmas morning)  Unfortunately, St. Nick, didn't do well on Maggie's and her PJ's ended up about 2 sizes to big.  But, hey!  She'll grow into them yeah? 

We also open a game on Christmas Eve.  This year,  St. Nick got them Kerplunk.  I don't know what is wrong with that guy?  I mean I totally don't recommend it.  The set up of all of those little sticks was time consuming and annoying.  We played it twice and now I think it has already migrated to the Garage Sale pile.  Sorry girls.

But Christmas morning was great!  

The girls got new bathrobes...which were sorely needed and wanted. 

And.... too much other stuff!  
Did your living room look like this on Christmas morning too?

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!  We did!
Thanks for Swinging By...

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