Saturday, February 28, 2009

Primary Activity - Mesa Temple

Today we went to a Ward Primary Activity at the Temple. Kayley thought it was pretty exciting. Her nursery leaders had handed out small cards with a picture of the temple several weeks ago and Kayley was pretty excited that it was the "same" as on her card!
Looking at the water...


Kayley took this picture of us!

Learning about Snapdragons.

A feather!

Another pretty flower...

Kayley kept trying to pick the flowers...we kept explaining to her that they should stay there for everyone to enjoy and make the temple pretty.

Coloring some pictures...

The kids at the Christus.

Still playing on the temple grounds.

They brought donuts!

Look at Kayley...she's saying, "Hey, are you gonna eat that?"

Friday, February 27, 2009

Flash Back High!

Ok, so I joined FaceBook a couple months back and I have made a lot of connections with friends from High School. To share with them, I uploaded every picture I could find from High School. It was met with a lot of groans and giggles...but I thought I would share some of my favorites that I uploaded on FaceBook... Enjoy!

I'd better add: These photos are all from 1993-1994ish - Bastrop High School, in Bastrop, Texas...and I didn't even make that up. =)

Here we are in a vaudville based on 7Brides for 7Brothers. L to R: Ben, Vrad, Andreas, Ginny, Me, Jolene...

I was in Yearbook my senior year. This is Tammy, our editor...she looks like she is not happy with me... I wonder what I did? I really look like I am trying to explain myself. =)

My awesome Car! Look, I am in my Pizza Hut uniform. I guess I am on my way to work?

We performed Grease my senior year too. I am in the very front with the pink poodle skirt.

Dancing with Casey. He was THE cutest guy in school. Seriously. He was the senior class president AND he asked me to Prom. Really! I have proof!

More dancing... this muscial was a lot of fun to be in.


Me and Buddy posing on railroad tracks. This was a rejected yearbook photo. We were voted "Most Dramatic" our senior year. I bet you are NOT surprised?

I also performed in 7Brides for 7Brothers my Junior year. I am on the right. I played Liza. (We performed "The Trial of Tom Sawyer" my senior year, but I actually DON'T have any pictures. Maybe my parent do?)

Can you find me? I'm standing in the back.

Our "Bride" lineup... I am in the purple skirt.

Junior Prom. Here is the proof. Casey (the cutest, most popular guy in school) DID actually ask me ( a junior) to his senior prom.

Here is my senior prom photo. I asked Chris to go with me. I have to admit that my senior year nobody asked me to prom and I ended up finding my own date. Chris was a sophmore. I had to drive because he was only 15. OH, and his mom hated me. She put my corsage in the freezer and killed the pretty white roses. I wore this ugly dead corsage all evening. We had a good time though... I can't believe how skinny I was back then.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Standin' in the Corner

I know, I know! I didn't update anything yesterday! Sorry!

Anyway, here is a funny story for you.
Kayley got caught coloring on the carpet with a red crayon. This was the 2nd time and it is so frustrating.
Well, we haven't been too successful with "time-outs" in the past, I'm not sure why...they just didn't bother her. So I decided to try something different... I made her stand in the corner.

I always hated standing in the corner as a kid, so I thought maybe this would be a better deterrent than just sitting on her "time-out" chair where she would still be able to watch what I was doing, etc. I thought it would be more boring with her nose in the corner and maybe she'd realize that time-out isn't supposed to be fun? So, she stood in the corner for 2 minutes (1 minute for each year of her age). And, No, she surely didn't like it...

Needless to say, about 30 minutes later I walked by and found this:
Apparently Minnie has been a bad mouse and she had to stand in the corner...?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bed Head? Rat's Nest? What IS that?

Kayley woke up with THIS on the back of her head this morning. Isn't that just a HUGE tangle?
It seriously stuck out off the back of her head by several inches. Incredible.
I need to invest in some detangler.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A really big girl in the Big Girl bed...

Who is that in Kayley's Big Girl bed?

Sometimes when Kayley is waking up in the morning or from her nap, I like to climb in her bed and hide under the covers with her. It makes her giggle like crazy! She tells me, "Too big Mommy! Too big for Kayley's bed!"
Caught in the Act! Good thing that is a sturdy bed. =)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Linger Longer

Today we stayed after Church for the Linger Longer. I actually don't enjoy them because this is what the kids do the entire time. They just run around screaming and pushing. If nobody goes home bleeding or with a big knot on their head I guess it was considered a successful ward activity. Ditto on the ward parties... The kids do the same thing. Not my favorite activities.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Humanitarian Service Project...

Today we had the opportunity to work at the Mesa Cannery doing a humanitarian service project. We bagged lots and lots of noodles! It was a fun time and will feed a lot of people during these tough economic times.

Sharley with our amazingly tall "noodle wall."

Taking a break between sessions.

Part of our group!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Farm, Food & Play!

Today we went to the Farm, Food & Play preschool series offered at the Zoo. We learned about Citrus. There were a lot of various activities for the kids to do. Here Kayley is making a sachet of citrus peel, rosemary, cloves, and cinnamon. It smells awesome!

Here is the finished product!

Playing on the "farm."

Making citrus soap with Miss Hannah....

A "grab bag."

Juicing an orange...

We played on the playground for about 10 minutes while other groups were finishing their activities. I am talking to Kayley through this tube... It was pretty funny.


Riding the cow...

Driving the tractor...

Driving a REAL tractor...

Snack time! We got to try different kinds of citrus fruits with honey.
Kayley is trying grapefruit, she did NOT like it...

The kids made these odd oranges on a stick and we carried them to the monkeys for a snack/toy.

Here is a little monkey enjoying Kayley's treat.

We also stopped to look at the Wallaby's.

And to check out these huge statues. In fact, I had never been to this little part of the zoo before...I didn't even know it was there? It was called the "African Watering Hole" and had a lot of animal statues.

Is that Aslan? No, it is just a lion.

Of course, no zoo day would be complete without a turn on the carousel. Today Kayley chose to ride the dragon! Look at that thing! It is huge!

A self-portrait.... Somehow I didn't get in this photo.

Another self-portrait... I was not in my best self-portrait taking element today for some reason. I also forgot to let Kayley take my picture while we were out... I guess I'll have to let her take 2 next time... oops.
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