Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vacation Ending and Other Stuff

Here are the last of my pictures from our trip.
My parents got a beautiful Condo down on the lake. Here is Kayley in her big-big-big-girl bed.

The living room.

A duck out our back patio. We threw him some bread and he quacked a lot.

The view from our Condo. Gorgeous isn't it?

We spent our last day in Branson doing several different things. One place we went was down to Branson Landing. There Kayley played on the playground and rode this horse.

She convinced Uncle Steven to Paddle her down-river in this boat.

And she talked him into going down the slide. Uncles are so fuuuun!

Here is Kayley with her Uncle Steven and Aunt Jenna.

The elevator.

Look! It's that one car...from that one show! haha!

Singing fountain at Branson Landing.

Kayley hanging out with her Uncle Steven.

Seriously...could Uncle's just be the best thing ever. I think Kayley successfully twisted my Little Brother around her finger.

She even managed to get Uncle Steven squished into this little ice cream truck.
Hey! Self-portrait of me and my mom. We decided that when you take it above y our head it really eliminated the double chin. The sun was awfully bright though. My Dad said my wrinkled nose made me look like those aliens (couldn't remember what they were called) from Stark Trek: Deep Space Nine. Thanks Dad.

A lady making fudge at "The Fudgery."

A street Performer at Branson Landing.

Kayley with Pooh at the Disney Store.

Watching the Singing Fountain at Branson Landing.

We didn't have enough money for lunch...

So we made Kayley fish money out of the fountain. Just Kidding.

My brother trying to look like a model while wearing Jenna's jacket.

After our Day at Branson Landing we went to Dixie Stampede. It is a huge dinner show owned by Dolly Parton. It has live horses, singing, dancing... whoa! It was a WHOLE lot of fun.

Checking out the horses on our way into Dixie Stampede.

The fam on the way in. Photography was not allowed inside so I didn't get any pics of the show...but it was great fun.

After Dixie Stampede we went to Wild Woody! It is a go-cart race track and an arcade. Kayley played a few games...and we raced go-carts!~

Waiting in line for our turn at the go-carts. I know it is hard to believe, but it was my first time racing go-carts. When we were done I smelled like a lawn mower!

The track!

Weee! Goin' Go Cart Racin!

End of the day, we were sure more thing must be done before leaving MO.

You HAVE to go to Andy's and get Frozen Custard!

Yuuuummmy! My favorite! The James Brownie Funky Jackhammer!

The next day...time to go home. Packing up... Playing with the coolest Bubble Gun ever, thanks to Aunt Jenna and Uncle Steven. (Kayley calls it her Bubble Gum)

Kayley took this pic of her fav. Aunt and Uncle with my camera...
And this pic of Uncle Steven's lip where he bit it. OUch!
And this pic of Papa in the front seat.

We drove to St. Louis to catch a plane...and Kayley ate this "Wallypop" that the Easter Bunny brought her. Seriously...check this out.
We had such a fun fun trip. Hope we can do it again.


  1. Oh I can't believe she got that whole sucker in her mouth! That's hilarious! I've got a similar one of my little guy with a wiffle ball stuffed in his little cheeks - I'll have to post it soon. Looks like a fun trip!

  2. Yes, uncles are the greatest thing ever!
    Dixie Stampede sounds like a cool place to go to. And that go-cart track looks phenomenal at Wild Woody!
    It doesn't really surprise me that she fit the whole lolly-pop in her mouth. I was a "big-mouth" kid as well and remember constantly showing off my "unique" talent of fitting various things into it while I was growing up. :)


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