Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The View.

Here are a couple of pics that Kayley took during our long car trip. This is Kayley's perspective from the backseat. Enjoy the view.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It was hard to believe we had been in town so long and hadn't paid a visit to Andy's Frozen Custard yet! So, since we had to make a quick trip to Lowes...and we just "happened" to drive seemed like the thing to do! YUM!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Moody Family Reunion at Dickerson Park Zoo

Yesterday we had the chance to go to the annual Moody Family reunion. I know you may be wondering why we would want to go to a family reunion where everybody was Moody...but since it is my Grandma Alice's maiden kind of makes sense. My Grandma Alice, who passed away a few years ago was one of 14 kids. So...that alone makes this family reunion positively HUGE. Lots and lots of people. And out of the 100s of people there, I probably knew about 8. Hahaha... Anyway. They have it every year at the Dickerson Park Zoo. It was a nice opportunity to take a day off from our unpacking and have a fun day. Enjoy these pics of the zoo and reunion!
You can buy a zoo key for 3 bucks. Throughout the zoo you stick them in a little box and it sings a song or tells you a story. Considering I get into the zoo for free...The zoo key was a fun little purchase!

Kayley playing in Charlie Browns Pumpkin Patch.

Waiting for Gramma, Aunt Tammy & Uncle Robert on the steps.

The zoo key was really neat. Totally worth the 3 bucks.

Eating a safari corndog. It comes in that little hat. Too fun.

Feeding the giraffes.

Poor giraffe. He really wanted some more crackers.

Riding the zoo train.

My mom with her aunt Patty's-daughter Chrissy's-son, Jacob.
(did ya follow that? hehe).
What does that make them? 3rd cousins? I have no clue...

Thanks to Uncle Robert (who is actually my cousin, so Kayley's 2nd cousin...but hey, "uncle" is SO much easier) who spent a long time playing with Kayley on the playground.
It was sure hot outside.

My mom's aunt Zetta and various other family members. The Moody family is HUGE. I mean, really, really HUGE. I didn't know any of these people, but we went anyway. :) And it was a lot of fun.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Moving Update - playing Catch Up~

Yay! I got the internet to work long enough to do a blog update!
Enjoy the pics of our moving adventures!

Moving day!
Eating breakfast...hurry! The movers are here!
The movers built this crazy slide to get things down the stairs.
Kayleys toys all loaded up and ready to go!
Watch out! Kayley has the vacuum!
Watching a movie in her empty bedroom.

We left early the next morning to begin our drive to MO.
So tired... A long drive is ahead. 3 days!
Of course we had to stop at the world famous Route 66 Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, AZ.
Maybe we should get a room at this Notel?
Yes that is a toilet/potty seat.
It was a very long trip.
What a
Hanging out at a rest area.
ZZZZZ.... flat and boring drive.
Watching a movie. If you have little kids and you don't have a portable dvd player you are seriously missing out...
Viva la Texas!
Carhenge.this cross brags the "largest in the hemisphere."
I think this tower is leaning a little to the right...what do you think?
Whew...taking a break. Our bums are tired.

We stopped and played at a Route 66 themed rest area somewhere in Oklahoma or Texas or Somewhere...
Got Potty Chair?
I mean really, who doesn't sleep with their potty?
Kayley's airbed. Worked great in the hotel rooms we stayed in!!
Our scary Super 8 hotel room in El Reno, OK. I really couldn't recommend this hotel. The door chain was broken so we pushed a chair up in front of it. Shudder.
Big Cabin, Oklahoma! The famous McDonalds in the Sky!
Hanging out at McDonalds in the sky!
The messy car by the time we got to Missouri.
We really did start out our adventure pretty organized.

We finally made it to the Harry Potter house!
Kayley looking out the kitchen door.
Look! It is raining. Isn't our back yard so pretty?
Here they come!
They got stuck at the T in the road and it took him about 20 minutes to figure out how to turn around...
The movers are here!!
Kayley loved the Harry Potter closet under the stairs...
she calls it her "house" and she has all of her toys in there.
Kayley with Uncle Robert. He is technically like, her 3rd cousin or something...but whatever.
Kayley enticed everyone into her "house."
Kayley laid claim to the kitty room right away.
our bedroom.
the dining room.
the living room.
Thank goodness for Hal who came and trimmed the yard with its waist high grass and weeds.
He also took out the hideous bush in front of the living room window.
Paper, paper and more paper.

The story of my life. How about that upside down, fragile box on the BoTTOM of this pile of books...Uhm...HELLO!?
Look...I got the dvd player all set up! Of course it looks like the entertainment center is regurgitating it...but at least it worked and Kayley could watch a movie.
When the standard sized stove didn't fit in the standard sized stove-space all I could do was laugh hysterically and get out my camera.
Things are looking up...sort of. The house is live-able now. We have cable. We sort of have internet. We have hot water. The AC/heater is working (at least downstairs), we think the leak under the sink is no longer leaking, the ants are almost gone (we spray again next week), the grass is shorter (although it will be cut again next week too), the propane tank is no longer leaking (so we are in no immediate danger of blowing up), the refrigerator, washer, dryer and stove all fit in their appropriate spaces and are functioning. Oh and Kayley starts preschool on Monday!!

The toilet seat still trys to throw me in the floor and the internet is still on the fritz but that's not so bad. Soooo...things are definitely looking up! :)
Now, to get the rest of the boxes unpacked!
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