Friday, April 24, 2009

Incredible Elephants

We've almost made a full year of our zoo preschool programs. I'll be so sad when it ends because they are so much fun. I think June will be the last month, but it is already getting so hot that we may not do May or June. I'm still deciding. =) It was 102 degrees this week! sooo HOT!

Anyway, this program was all about Elephants! Here is Kayley waiting on the bridge to go in!

Creating elephant "ears."

This activity shows the kids how the elephants use their trunk to get treats out of the puzzle feeders...

I bet the elephants don't have Hershey's Kisses in their feeders...
Of course they had a sand table...Look a Bongo!
I'd never seen a Bongo until Dickerson Park zoo and now they are popping up everywhere!

And a water play area... Kayley gave this elephant a bath.

Painting...which she got all over her shirt...which took 3 washings to get it clean.

The next part was really cool. We went INSIDE the elephant enclosure and hid treats for the elephants to find. (No, the elephants were not in there while we were...)
Anyway...I took this pic of our strollers parked on the otherside of the fence. I have tons of pics of Kayley at this fence looking in...but probably nobody else has a pic of the fence looking out...
Elephant treats.
Hiding a treat in a log.
In a hole in the dirt.

There is the elephant trying to get treats out of the puzzle feeder. Hey! Doesn't she know we put treats everywhere else?

Kayley got a stuffed elephant toy...

And we always end our visit with a ride on the carousel.
Kayley opted to ride the hummingbird!

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  1. These preschool posts throughout the year have been really fun to read and enjoy. I hope it's cool enough for you to go in May and/or June.


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