Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hodgson Mill

As we have been looking to move, we have sent away for relocation packets from several different places. One place was West Plains, MO. I grew up in the Ozarks and would really love to move back home. While West Plains isn't exactly "home" it is pretty close. Anyway, I received a flyer from United Country/Ozark Realty, Inc and when I opened the first page, I couldn't believe my eyes! There at the top was Hodgson Mill!

Hodgson Mill is for Sale! All 240 Acres! The whole Mill! The Spring! Even the Gift Shop!

I wonder if the locals are disappointed to see this mill close down? And while it is not a "working mill" per se...since Hodgson Mill products are readily available on your grocery store shelves...it is just another piece of Missouri history that is hit by the economy and disappearing.

I can't claim to remember much about Hodgson Mill. This is a picture of me with my parents at Hodgson Mill when I was only 2 but I do know is an historic landmark. It is a place that I would love to visit again, but may never get the chance.



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  1. I remember this picture, you were not a year old yet, we had went on a picnic/road trip with Ike, Sara and Janet, we packed lunches and went to the mill and a lot of other state parks that Grandpa Long was so excited about doing. In this same area is Big Springs, Round Springs, Alley Springs, Old Dawt Mill. It is a very pretty,non-commercial area with hiking trails and parks.


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