Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Hauntings...a flashback.





Who is that glamorous girl?

Randomness - playing catch up!

I have been so behind in my blogging that I thought in order to catch up I would just throw all the random leftover pics into one posting and move, here we go:

Leaving for church in a totally cute Halloween outfit...aren't those tights awesome!?

Kayleys birdhouse.


Mommy's yellow car had to pay a visit to the 'car doctor'.

Kayley found this cute little Miata and said, "Look! This car is Kayley size!"

Kayley called Gramma and talked on the Bathtub Faucet at Lowe's.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Playing in the "snow"

Kayley is so excited to be in Missouri. She is pretty sure that she is going to see snow really soon..(don't count on it though). Anyway...she has invented this clever game of playing 'pretend snow'. If you look closely you can see that the 'snow' is actually post-it notes.

Daddy helped Kayley make a 'snow angel'.And then we turned Kayley into a 'snowman'.
Sorry it is so dark! Cute video anyway. Kayley is a real little actress!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Best Things in Life Aren't Free.


I am an over-achiever...what can I say?

I just discovered,
much to my horror,
that I have exceeded the amount of
allowable "free" picture space on Blogger.


Denied. Hindered.

I'm not sure, but I think I can purchase more webspace from Google.
Or I could just start an entirely new blog (which would be, what,
blog #5 for me? Cough-overachiever-cough)

Too bad...I had the best pics I was trying to upload just now.

I guess it is true that the best things in life aren't free.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Meant to be ours

I have a theory...not even a theory, just a rambling thought that came to me last night while drifting off to sleep. I like to think it was the still, small voice whispering comfort into my ear.

Let me back up. When it rains; it pours. I have had several friends announce pregnancies. All in the span of one month. I promise you, I am truly happy for my friends. I am. But, like any infertile woman, it still leaves me feeling a little left out. I realize that I am stressing myself out about whether or not I would ever 'find' all the children that were meant to be ours. It leaves me wondering if I am less of a woman or less loved by the Lord for not being able to participate in these normal experiences that define womanhood.

We hear in church lessons, read a lot of conference talks, and hear well meaning testimonies from our friends about how women are in partnership with God when, through the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth, they bring new spirits into the world. In fact, we are counseled that it is our responsibility to welcome children into our home. But, when pregnancy is elusive, we wonder if we are less of a woman, or less blessed, because we are unable to fulfill that commandment to multiply and replenish. I know for me, I wondered why others were blessed with this "miracle" when I wasn't. But, I think I have some of it figured out. I have witnessed an even bigger, more incredible miracle. And I want to tell you about it.

I'll explain.

I believe that we knew each and every one of our spirit children in the pre-existence. What I am saying is: I knew my all of my 'spirit babies' before any of us came into the world. And, this has absolutely nothing to do with genetics. Absolutely nothing. I strongly believe that we are related spiritually... and that the bodies we inhabit during this life are just vessels to house those spirits...and when we die our our spirits will all be reunited again. Genetics are neat, but insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Our spiritual relationship is what makes us a family.

So, I have another radical thought:
I think that the children that were meant to be ours - will be.

I know, crazy thought isn't it?
Especially coming from one who is unable to get pregnant.

But I think that Krista Oaks has it right when, in her book "Fertile in our Faith" she discusses how, life on Earth is a big 'family reunion' of sorts. Everybody comes to the reunion...some come by bus, some drive themselves, some might walk while some take a taxi. Some might fly in for a short visit, others pack suitcases and take the train for an extended stay. It doesn't matter HOW they get to the big family reunion...the point is - They will Come. And that is, in itself, a true miracle.

It IS truly a miracle how babies come into the world. But, to me, it is an even bigger miracle that a woman can go through pregnancy and childbirth...and then place her baby in the arms of an aching couple.

When I say I have witnessed a bigger miracle...
I mean that I have SEEN the pure, unselfish love of Christ.
I have SEEN the works of God.

All in the hands of a brave birthmother.

The Lord has indeed blessed me greatly by allowing me the privilege of witnessing something so sacred.

I know that our Kayley was meant to be ours.

And I know that other children that are meant to be ours - will be.

How they will get to the reunion is uncertain, but the point is - They will Come.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goldilocks and her 3 Bears....

First of all...Kayley HAD to be Goldilocks for Halloween... Just had to. So we scoured the town of Springfield searching for a Goldilocks costume. Whew...

So, she got all dressed up and hit Dickerson Park Zoo for their Halloween "Spooktacular." Fun was had by all...and much candy was received. Enjoy the pics.

'eM (An Introduction of Sorts)

Many of my friends have been curious to know more about our new birthmom.
After clearing it with "M" she agreed to let me post her pic!

Meet " 'eM. "

And, yes, that is THE baby bump!!

Most of you know, but I'll share again that 'eM is expecting a baby girl on December 29th and after meeting and talking with us she has chosen us to be the adoptive parents of her baby girl!

'eM and I have had several opportunities to get to know each other better. She is a sweet spirit and a strong, amazing woman. Between 'eM & Krystin (Kayley's birthmom) I am shown examples daily of pure, unselfish love. They are both such wonderful examples to me.

Here are some interesting facts you may not know:

We have already picked a name for the baby. Wait for it comes....nah....I think I'll share that another day. But, lets just say it also starts with an "M."
(are you seeing a trend? Krystin - Kayley... 'eM & M?)

We asked 'eM to pick out Baby M's middle name. I could tell you what she picked...but maybe I'll save that for another day too...need to keep some surprises up my sleeve.

Baby M already likes to dance. 'eM is thinking maybe tap...or jazz...hard to tell when it is all internal.

Baby M likes Michael Jackson. As long as she doesn't tell me to 'beat it' it'll be great!

Baby M likes Whoppers from Burger King! (so do I!) (so does 'eM)

We really appreciate 'eM's willingness to keep in touch with us almost daily. She made me feel so happy when she told me that she wanted me to experience as much as possible. She'll just send me a quick text to tell me that baby M is kicking. I am excited that she has also asked me to attend the birth of baby M. I hope that I can make it in time. I feel so privileged to be a part of 'eM & M's lives that I am nearly bursting!

We love you 'eM!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

This post is brought to you today by the letter P & by the letter N.

I just had to share this funny story.

We've been working a lot on letters and their sounds and we were having this serious discussion the other day about what sound the letter P makes...

I was telling Kayley, "P! Sounds like puh-puh-puh. Can you think of something that starts with the letter P?"

Kayley thought for a moment...then she said, "Puh-puh-puh...Alligator!"

Say what?

Another funny story...similar situation, but we've made a game out of guessing the letters... For example, I'd say..."I'm thinking of something that starts with the letter L. It has a is furry...and it says Raaarrr!" And Kayley would guess, "a Lion!" -"Right!"

So Daddy tried one and he stumped her good...he said, "I'm thinking of something that starts with the letter N. It is on your face...and you smell with it." Kayley thought hard...and she wasn't answering so I added..."sometimes it gets all runny and we have to blow's found on your face.... "

And Kayley answered...


Thursday, October 22, 2009

It Don't Come Easy...

You know...
What is it with us that, whatever can possibly go wrong - always does? It is too the point where I just roll my eyes and laugh.

The last few days I've just had the song, "It Don't Come Easy" running through my head...and it is so true. For example:

We had a visit from the Gas Company again today... we woke up this morning and it was freezing. Looking at the thermostat we couldn't figure out why the heat was set at 69 and the temp said it was 62. Turned out our propane tank was empty. In the end we discovered that the 300 gallons of propane we filled it with a month ago was gone?! So... another gas leak. It's a wonder we didn't blow up. Besides that, Propane (especially when you are buying 300 gal at a time) is not all that cheap.

Oh...and that phone/internet problem that was fixed... wasn't...then was...then wasn't...what in the world? Here is what my modem looked like all day. No DSL? No phone. All of a sudden it started working again...AFTER we scheduled a tech to come out and look at it. It is possessed.

What else? Oh, James still hasn't been able to start work. I don't know what is wrong with the Missouri Licensing board, but they took AGES to finally let us know that there was some paperwork missing. Uhm Hello?! We are not bringing in a paycheck while waiting for you guys!
And, our deposit from our old apartment complex? Not coming - turns out we never paid one. The 8K from the IRS for buying the house? Still hasn't shown up yet. The 5K sign-on bonus for James' work...also hasn't materialized yet. Ugh. Not Fun.

Everything will work out eventually.
It has too.
But it 'don't come easy.'
Enjoy the song. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Jack O'Lantern


We had a fun time working in our little flower bed this morning. We planted most of our bulbs and a few things that I could never even remember what they were. Like that plant Kayley is holding...I have no idea what it is...but we planted it.

Kayley planted these bulbs... They are not quite deep enough, what do you think?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Annual Hillhouse Halloween Hayride

Thanks to my aunt Sherry and my uncle Danny for inviting us out to their annual Halloween Hayride! We had a great time. Roasted hotdogs, marshmallows and going on the coldest hayride ever!

Kayley and cousin Jordan got along great!Yes, this was her first roasted marshmallow EVER!
It was cold! But a lot of fun! Thanks for having us!
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