Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 2: Easter, Route 66, Bennett Spring & More!

If you remember where we left off yesterday, Kayley was in bed. Here she is the next morning, surprised that the Easter Bunny managed to find her in her hotel room! Here is her Easter basket and a special book from that smart little bunny.


We left that morning and headed toward home. On the way we drove portions of old Route 66. We really got our kicks when we were able to stop and snoop around this old set of courts.

These were called, "John's Modern Cabins."

Yup...they look very modern inside indeed. Check out that modern refridgerator! I think the modern "facilities" must of been somewhere out back...
Kayley fell asleep in the car. Gramma was such a good sport...she held onto Kayley's head for an hour to keep it from rolling around while we were driving. Thanks Gramma!

Our next stop was Bennett Spring just outside of Lebanon, MO. It was cold and drizzly and I was forced to buy Kayley and Myself a sweatshirt to add to our other sweatshirt so that we could have on 3 layers instead of 2. What can I say? As much as I dislike Phoenix because it is too hot...I accidently acclimated to the Arizona desert against my will and I just couldn't tolerate the Missouri cold. is Kayley and Papa sharing a Bennett Spring Corn Dog. Mom and I didn't get one, although we should've because according to Dad, it was the "best corndog" he had ever had. Ever.

Kayley's cool Bennett Spring sweatshirt.
It was actually the only thing they had in her size.
I thought it was kind of cute.

Poory Kayley.... she doesn't look very thrilled does she?
Bennett Spring is a state park and they run a very large fish hatchery. It is pretty cool. You can walk down through the middle and see all of the fish. Trout I think they were? Anyway, you could buy fish food and feed them. They would go nuts and splash fishy-smelly water on you if you weren't careful.

The trees are budding in MO. It was very pretty. I wish this picture had been more clear. It is hard to believe that the temp is 97 in Phoenix today compared with Missouri where I nearly froze. The temps in the 50s. Brrr!
Kayley can find a dandilion no matter where she goes.
The fish food dipsenser.

My parents have brought me to Bennett Spring for as long as I can remember. James and I picnic'd here after we got married too.
It is very beautiful.

Walnut Tree. Look at that overcast sky.
It could start raining any moment!

We headed back in to Lebanon because we were starving. We hit up McDonald's to give Kayley a place to play while we sat around for a while. I found this redbox at the drive-through kind of interesting. Cars either pulled up and blocked the drive through, or people jumped out and dodged the traffic to get over there. Eitherway it seems like kind of a dumb place to put a redbox.

On the McDonald's Playground. I actually got really upset with this other guys children who were picking on Kayley. A couple of mean boys trapped her in the slide and she started to cry. I got really upset and literally yelled (actually more like screached) at their Dad to come handle the problem ASAP. Which he did...thank goodness for him...or I'd have had to yell at him some more. The wrath of Steph! Grrrr!
Our last stop of the day was my Aunt Sherry's house. This was a great stop for Kayley. My aunt has always been fun, but I think she has gotten wayyyy more fun now that she has grandkids. She let Kayley play tea party on her coffee table...complete with real "tea" (water). It was a wet mess, but Kayley had a really great time. Here she is complete with her apron.
L to R: My aunt Sherry, Jordan (her grandson), Kayely and my Mom.

Yeah, I thought I would include this picture... This is my dad wearing a lid on his head.

Thanks to my aunt and uncle, they had stuffed some 80 eggs for the Easter Egg hunt. Unfortunately it was too wet/rainy/muddy outside, so there was an impromptu egg hunt in the living room. Here is Jordan loading up his basket.

Kayley loaded up a Walmart Shopping cart. That's my girl!
Tune in tomorrow for Day 3 (which has just a couple of pics) and Day 4 (which has a TON of pics) of our Vacation! The arrival of Uncle Steven and Aunt Jenna! and Our trip to Silver Dollar City!


  1. I love the Wal-mart cart!!! What a stinkin' cute niece I have!

  2. Bennett Spring does indeed look beautiful.


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