Friday, March 26, 2010

Dickerson Park Zoo - ZEBRA Program #2

We attended our second ZEBRA program at the Zoo last week. Incredible considering we were all so sick, but it was prepaid and Kayley was feeling fine so I just slugged some Dayquil and took her into town. She had a great time learning all about animals and their "ears".

You have to love the butt-crack pic on this little boy here:A hedgehog!
Bunnies have BIG ears...
Of course there are always several take-home projects to complete!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hairbow Happiness...

We really like hairbows at our house.
Some I make, some I buy and some we get as gifts...
We have pigtail bows, curlies, clippies, loopies, & regular bows....

This is Kayley's enormous collection.

Here is Maggie's little collection...
which I'm sure will be competitive with Kayley's eventually!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Caillou & Kayley go to the library...

Kayley wait...she actually ADORES this show on PBS called Caillou.
"Who is Caillou?" you ask...

From the Caillou website:
Caillou is a 4-year-old boy who delights in the small wonders of the world around him, embellishing everything he sees with his rich imagination. Surrounded by his parents, his little sister, Rosie, his grandparents and friends his age, Caillou discovers the world and just can't wait to grow up! Everything around him is an excuse to embark on exciting adventures, learn new things and have fun. Whether he's at school, at home or in a park, Caillou finds opportunities for learning and growing everywhere!

Each episode of the series is a slice of Caillou's life. Thanks to his vivid imagination, ordinary, everyday events quickly become exciting adventures where Caillou can play "make-believe". But Caillou can tell the difference between real life and pretending. When he is done playing make-believe, Caillou happily returns to the familiar daily routine of a 4-year-old. Indeed, each episode begins and ends firmly anchored in the real world.

Here is a picture of Caillou: (perhaps he looks familiar to you?)

Well, on Caillou a few days ago, his Mom (who is the paragon of all stay-at-home-mothers and I will elaborate on her in a few minutes) go to the library, where Caillou is permitted to get his first, very own, library card! It was a really big deal! And ever since, Kayley has been begging me to take her to the library to get her very own library card too...

So I did.
And it was...of course...a BIG deal.

Kayley got to check out 3 books (We struck a deal...1 book for every year she is old) and she played on the library computers for a while. We had a pretty fun time and she even did a pretty good job of being quiet. I tried explaining to the library-card-guy how excited Kayley was to get her first library card after having seen what it was all about on an episode of Caillou. The library-card-guy ignored me and kept on typing on his computer. On Caillou, the library-card-guy was really friendly and welcomed Caillou to the library. Figures doesn't it? (so much for the part where "each episode begins and ends firmly anchored in the real world")
I mean, really, if it was the real world, the library-card-guy would've been rude and snapped at Caillou for being too noisy in the library...

I have to admit, that Caillou's Mom does come up with some pretty great things for me to do with Kayley. Caillou's Mom is pretty interesting too.

Here, check this out from the Caillou website:
Caillou can always count on his Mommy to share his adventures and tuck him in with a bedtime story every night. Even with her hectic schedule, Mommy always manages to set aside time to be with him. Daddy is Caillou’s hero. Caillou especially likes spending time alone with his daddy, like the time he taught Caillou how to build a birdhouse in the backyard.

Who ARE these people???
I mean, Caillou's Mom puts up with Caillou, who is actually a pretty whiny kid...and she never gets frustrated. Her responses to his whining is always a patient, well though out answer, that ALWAYS seems to satisfy Caillou. In fact, we have never seen Caillou get in trouble, stand in a corner, pick on his little sister, chunk something or throw a tantrum. I've actually never seen any indication that Mom or Dad have a job, so they must be independently wealthy. I bet I would be a way better Mom if I was independently wealthy too! lol!! Dad is always home to help out with whatever is needed. The whole family dresses modestly, albeit frumpy. Caillou does go to "playschool" a few times a week where he doesn't push or shove his peers, he always shares, follows directions, and doesn't do anything gross like pick his nose or put his hands down his pants.

Ok, so the show is decidedly NOT realistic... not even a little bit.

But, if it gets my kid interested in reading, and she learns all the 'appropriate ways' to repsond in a sitution, then I guess she can continue to watch it.
At least PBS doesn't have commercials for sugar cereals, yogurt in tubes, Barbie, etc.

Oh...and why in the world is Caillou BALD?? I mean-hello - he's 4!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Learning at home

I'd been thinking a lot about what we might want to do with Kayley's (well - and I supposed Maggie's -gulp!-) education. I've been told that the public school system here where we live is very good. I'm sure it really is. But, I've really been dabbling with the idea of having our kids attend a program that is more of a hybrid school. The kids go to school 2 days per week, then homeschool 3 days a week, with the understanding that, as a parent you guide them through their coursework and subsidize their education with things that you think are also important. (like scripture study, dance, karate, field trips, service projects, money management, computer skills, etc)

I really like this idea.
I like it for several reasons:
-Small class size.
-Individualized attention.
-Modest clothing (i.e. uniforms!)
-You also kinda get what you pay for in schools today... for example, many public schools are doing away with recess, music, art and other enrichment programs due to a lack of funding. Private school, your tution is paying for those specialized programs...
-I also feel like public schools teach to the lowest common denominator...(ie. the dumbest kids in the class) leaving the smarter children bored and more likely to cause trouble.

I am also weighing the cons.
Some things I don't like:
-Convenience of walking Kayley to the bus (in my PJs) and waving bye-bye
(private school would require me to drive her to class and pick her up - pure laziness & selfishness on my part really.)
-it's expensive
-The long-term comitment to driving and picking her up from school 2 days a week indefinitely.
-The fact that I will be held very accountable for Kayleys education...
what if I fail?

I am the kind of Mom that is pretty disorganized. I fly by the seat of my pants most days and really just do whatever I want. I know that this was subject to change as soon as Kayley starts school anyway, but I have wondered how these habits could effect my ability to effectively teach Kayley at home.

Well... I have decided that I'm not sure that they would.
I have realized now that I am being too hard on myself. I find opportunities to teach all the time, but just didn't notice. Simple things like, number puzzles...
Playing with things that are heavy and light...
Playing outside in the dirt...
(technically our flowerbed...where she just dug up a blooming bulb. lol!)
And role playing... They are all moments to teach.

We also read through the Friend, Highlights Junior, we have long discussions about anything she wants to know. We just learned a lot this week about germs and how they make you sick.

We have a chore chart where we are learning about responsibilities...
We do a craft project nearly everyday...just for fun.
We read tons of books, play computer games, and YES...we do watch TV. Mostly PBS. Lots of Caillou, Word World and Sesame Street. (Ok, and we watch Spongebob SquarePants, which is low...I know... I'm sorry).
We are learning how to tie our shoes and yes, even read.
Kayley can spell and write her name, she can tell you where your filtrum is located and what all the possible reasons are for a baby crying. She can count to 20, cough and sneeze in her elbow, use a napkin and feed the kitties.
She will say excuse me to a grown up when she needs to pass by.
She can tell you quite a bit about adoption.
She knows about eating healthy including what protein & vegetables do for your body.
She knows about the Holy Ghost, how to pray (she just gave her first primary prayer on Sunday without ANY help!!!), and what it means to be baptized.
She knows a LOT of things for a 3 year old.

I think I could do this.

Maggie smiling and cooing...


THE smiling Maggie video

She really, really IS this happy all the time.
Such a good baby.
Growing so fast.
And seriously, could she have any more hair?

What is Maggie DOOing?

I was trying to get some good video of Maggie smiling. This first attempt was futile. In fact...if you watch the first 30 seconds you'll understand why. You won't need to watch the rest... I kept recording because I thought watching her do....well....what she was doo-doo-ing was just too cute. Ah, and I thought Melissa (our wonderful bmom formerly known as 'eM) would get, well- maybe, a kick out of it too. LOL! Oh-and I did get some video of her smiling later... I'll post those too. For whatever strange/odd/irritating reason, blogger is NOT loading videos very well. So it'll take some time for me to get them on here.

Water Sprite?

Sheesh...I never have this much fun in the shower!

Shrine Circus

So, even though we've been pretty sick this week...we did feel good enough to use our tickets to go see the Shrine Circus. We had a blast. Enjoy the pics!

The canopy behind us... The Shrine Circus has been going on every year forever in Springfield. I went to the Circus here when I was Kayley's did my parents. Pretty cool.
Kayley did not think that clown was even remotely funny.
But, she did ask to ride the elephant...which she loved!!
Thought it was the coolest thing ever!
What kind of Mom would I be if I let an event
pass by without a cheesy self-portrait! lol!!
This was crazy. The dude was riding motorcyle over our heads!
Maggie enjoyed the circus long as we kept her ears plugged. :)
I keep trying to upload videos, but they never seem to work anymore.
Sorry, I did have a good video of the motorcycle guy...

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Kayley has been sick this week.
Turned out to be a double ear infection! Poor girl!
Fever as high as 102, some barfing, lots of hacking and coughing.
What a rough few days its been.

We made her a little bed on the couch where she spent most of her time.
Check out that awesome little refridgerator cool pack shaped like an ice cream cone.
Hobby Lobby 2 dollars!! She liked to hold it on her hot forehead.
She asked for dry cheerios and apple juice, which she promptly turned into a funky version of breakfast. Which she ate a few bites and declared it realllllly good. (blech!)
She slept for quite a while too...which was also good.
And Bella was happy to join her.
Then Banjo took a turn keeping her warm.
We missed 2 days of preschool, but thankfully Kayley
is starting to feel back to normal today!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patty's Day treats...

I had a lot of fun with the green food coloring in celebrating St. Patty's Day!

Chicken n' Green Dumplins!

And green "pink cookies".

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Remember when?
Kayley - 20072008

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maggie's New High Chair

Picked up this awesome high chair at DAV Thrift Store for only 20 dollars! It reclines quite a bit and Maggie can sit in it comfortably and watch me cook dinner in the kitchen. I think she likes it! But, then again, she seems to really like to be part of the action.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Maggie's Baby Shower

Thanks a million to my Marshfield Ward Family for putting on this awesome baby shower for Maggie. I got a lot of very lovely gifts, and best of all - over 200 dollars to help us buy a baby crib!!! Thanks so much!!!

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