Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Ghost Hunters/TAPS returns today with an all new episode filmed at Alcatraz!
There will be a live Question & Answer session in New York with the cast and crew, plus a marathon of the top-most watched Ghost Hunters episodes all day!!!
I will be happy to admit that I am addicted to this show.
I can't wait for their new season to start up!

Jason, Grant, Kris, Amy, Steve & Tango really make the show. They are The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS). They set up overnight and using video, audio, thermal and other equipment they try to find answers for ghostly happenings and debunk many of them. They are hilarious to watch and they find some really interesting, and sometimes downright spooky, stuff!

Visit their official homepage here:

And there SYFY hosted homepage here:

Hosted live by the hottie Josh Gates from Destination Truth...
(which will be a blog posting in and of itself
in about 2 weeks when their new season starts
back up! drool drool drool!)

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  1. Oh my gosh Stephanie!! I, too, am addicted! I love me some Ghost Hunters & Destination Truth. woo hoo!!!!!

    I really miss some of the cast members from the first few seasons. I really liked Donna, Dustin, and that annoying guy... Dude, Run! LOL!!!


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