Friday, March 19, 2010

Shrine Circus

So, even though we've been pretty sick this week...we did feel good enough to use our tickets to go see the Shrine Circus. We had a blast. Enjoy the pics!

The canopy behind us... The Shrine Circus has been going on every year forever in Springfield. I went to the Circus here when I was Kayley's did my parents. Pretty cool.
Kayley did not think that clown was even remotely funny.
But, she did ask to ride the elephant...which she loved!!
Thought it was the coolest thing ever!
What kind of Mom would I be if I let an event
pass by without a cheesy self-portrait! lol!!
This was crazy. The dude was riding motorcyle over our heads!
Maggie enjoyed the circus long as we kept her ears plugged. :)
I keep trying to upload videos, but they never seem to work anymore.
Sorry, I did have a good video of the motorcycle guy...

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