Sunday, July 26, 2009

National Park Hoppin'

We are so excited to have Gramma & Papa visiting us! We love to do road trips and this weekend we went to several places, 2 of which were both National Parks! We were able to get stamps for our National Park Passport books!!!

Our first stop was Montezuma Castle and our second was Walnut Canyon. Enjoy the pics!

The weather was AWESOME! Here is Papa waiting on a bench.
Kayley grinding corn...

Montezuma Castle cliff dwellings.

A lizard in a tree.
Look! Smokey The Bear?
Kayley snapped a couple of pics too...

Next we went to Walnut Canyon to view more cliff dwellings. We had to go down into the canyon and back up again... There were 244 steps!! One way! And yes...we had to climb back up all those stairs! And we had to take turns carrying Kayley 'cause she just got tooooo tired.

Climbing through the ruins.

Cliff dwellings at Walnut Canyon from the visitors center....yeah, we totally climbed all the way down there!

Oh, and it was about to storm...and there was lightening...but the guide at the top said he just didn't recommend holding onto the metal handrail and we'd be fine.... oh yeah!

A Holly Tree! Merry Christmas!

Daddy carried Kayley most of the way back up. He's tough!
But was hot and tiring.

Almost there.
Stop to rest... We all thought we were going to die...or barf.

Kayley was fine though...of course, she didn't have to climb all those stairs.

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  1. It looks like you had SO much fun. It was nice meeting your parents, they seemed very sweet. Now I know where you got it =)


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