Sunday, July 26, 2009

Meteor Crater, AZ

Alllllllrighty.... Someplace I've always wanted to go!! To see THE meteor crater that we have always seen pics of and read about in our textbooks in school. Soooo, we did!

Meteor Crater AZ...

Here is Kayley stealing that paperboys newspapers!
Papa, Kayley and Daddy look at the crater.
They cannot believe how much smaller it looks in real life.
What a disappointment.
Kayley calling mission control...
I think she is telling them the crater is too small and to come fix it ASAP.
Yup...there it is. A big hole in the ground.
See anything down there?

Look! We are "at the bottom of the crater." NOT.

Customary self-portraiture. A necessity on any trip with me.

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