Saturday, July 25, 2009

ChuckECheese Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Kayley's Birthday at ChuckECheese! We had a really fun time! We were joined by Gramma and Papa, Grandma Becky and Papa Bill, Schyla and her boys Justin & Casey, Shelley, Mary & Trevor, Lindsay & Tate and Kelly & Allison! Enjoy the pics of the kids playing and having a good time!

Grandma Becky & Papa Bill.
Trevor taking ChuckE for a Ride...
Mary & Shelley...
Kayley & Tate out for a spin.
Allison playing Skee Ball.

Lindsay demos for the kids how the video camera works.
ChuckECheese sings...
Gramma, Kayley and Papa eating Pizza.
Schyla, Shelley, Mary, Trevor...
ChuckE came out ot wish the birthday girl a Happy Birthday!
Cake Time!

Bad self-portrait...but required at all you know.
Tate eating cake...yum!
Allison and Kelly eating cake...
Kayley and Gramma eating cake...
Mommy eating cake.
Just kidding...
right after Kayley's cake they brought out a special cake just for me!
Since it is technically my birthday. =)
Mary and Trev...
Coool sunglasses in the goodie bags...

Time to open presents.
Kayley got an awesome stash of birthday presents.
Thanks everyone for bringin such wonderful gifts!

I have to admit, I think I had just as much fun as the kiddies. Kayley even convinced me to climb up in the "sky tubes." I think I may have strained or sprained something but it was still fun... I spent tons of tokens and won a bunch of tickets. =)

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  1. Stephanie, those pictures of Kayley blowing out the candles are FABULOUS. You should definitely put those on your photography blog.

    Thanks again for inviting us. Hope you don't mind that I snag the pictures of me and Trev for my blog. =)


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