Monday, July 6, 2009

HodgePodge of Pictures

I've been behind in my blogging this last week, as I'm sure you all have noticed. It has been a pretty tough week for our family. We were picked by a birthmother early in the week last week and we had plans to meet with her last Tuesday. She ended up canceling with us on Tuesday and we didn't hear from her for a couple of days...we just figured she had changed her mind, but then we were called on Thursday by our caseworker to reschedule. We discovered that she was actually in labor and the time was set to meet on Saturday and that if we got along well the papers would be ready to sign that day. She gave birth on Friday, and we were called by our caseworker on Friday night to say she wanted to cancel again and had decided to take her baby home. It is understandable and we appreciate her willingness to consider adoption for her baby. She is a brave woman and we wish only the best for her.
Sadly, it was still such a roller-coaster for us. We were fluctuating from excitement to dissapointment, back to excitement, back to dissapointment. Anyway, we are doing ok. We understand that this is not "our" baby, it is the Lords baby, and we are only stewards...we will just keep waiting for our baby wherever he/she might be. We just tried to keep a quiet weekend after that and we just nursed our dissapointment and prayed for the birthmom in whatever choice she made.

Anyway, thank goodness for Monday and a chance to start fresh in a new week. We are just working on being bright and cheerful... I think it is working.

Anyway, here is a hodgepodge of weekend pictures.

I was only able to snap this quick photo of Kayley's cute Patriotic Daisy Kingdom dress. It is actually quite "Monet." I bought it on eBay and it looked so cute, but when it came in the mail and I saw it up is a mess. Faded. Poorly stitched. A big stain on one of the pinwheels. We are going to wear it this once...and it will be donated to one of my favorite thrift stores...

My friend Melissa's neice Sierra came over to play last night for James' Birthday. Kayley and Sierra got along great! Cute little girly-girls played dollhouse for an hour last night.
The Birthday Boy. Happy 34th Birthday!

Kayley is getting very proficient with the computer but she gets frustrated with the we picked up this tiny little travel size laptop mouse...which works great. It's just her size!

That's it for the weekend picture hodgepodge. Stay tuned for our adventures to the Childrens Museum of Phoenix!

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  1. I'm so sorry for your disappointment! You seem to have put your best face forward, which I would have a hard time with. It's interesting having seen this scenario unfold from both "sides". I can honestly say that birth mothers must be the strongest dang chicks in the world to be able to do what they do - it was breaking my heart, although I knew it was the right decision. I can certainly understand why many change their minds, although it is so heartbreaking on the other end. I pray for your family, I want you to know that. I want that sweet Kayley to know what it's like to have siblings, and for you to be able to enjoy a baby again. (This is turning into the longest comment on the planet. . .sorry). I feel sorta guilty when I look at my whole collection of kids and know that I can just chose to have more if I want - I can't even begin to understand your pain and frustration with not being "in charge" of a kid time line. Keep on smiling and enjoying the little piece of heaven that you have - you're wonderful with her! =) We'll keep praying!


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