Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bored on a Friday Afternoon...

It has been so hot that there is not much to do but just treat it like a blizzard and buckle down and stay indoors. Since we have been spending so much time inside we have been getting pretty stir crazy. One thing Kayley really enjoys is playing with her playdough...
I had several small party sized playdoughs put back for a rainy day, so I dug them out and let Kayley go nuts with them. She immediately took them and smooshed them into one big multi-colored wad.
James and I just have to laugh (ok, and kind of cringe) because our type A personalities always kept us freaking out, as children, about the colors getting mixed together.
I can remember trying to put the playdough away and picking out the pieces that were the wrong color. hahaha... I'm over it now...
When it is time to put it away we just pinch it off into pieces and shove it into whatever container has room. Makes cleanup a whole lot easier and faster. =)
Kayley asked me to sculpt her a kitty and a doggie. Can you tell that is what they are supposed to be. Maybe if you squint and blur your eyes. hehe. =)
I was never very good at art.
bark bark! Meow!

Just a few videos...enjoy listening to Kayley talk. She means business when it comes to playdough.


  1. I'm sooooo like that with play dough - I literally walk away when the kids are playing with it so I'm not tempted to separate it for them! ha ha ha! I love the way she said orange, by the way - I don't think I can even say it like her - too cute!

  2. I check the videos later, but the multi-colored wad was fascinating! And yes, they did look like a cat and a dog.


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