Friday, July 3, 2009

Independence Days

Things have been crazy around our house and I haven't had time to post much. Hopefully things will settle down one way or another and we can all get back to normal after the holiday weekend. I haven't had much to post about...there hasn't been much going on. We haven't made any special trips, or visited anyplace fun this week. We are just hanging out in the cool house trying to ignore the hot, horrible weather outside. I think things will be slow and lazy around here until Fall. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm not one to slow down for long!
I can't believe we are quickly approaching Kayleys 3rd birthday! It is July, we are in the full heat of summer here and there is no end in sight. Monsoon season has just started and we always look forward to the big Monsoon storms just for the change of pace that it brings to the sweltering concrete jungle we live in. The 4th of July is here again, but once again, I think we will miss fireworks this year. It doesn't even get dark until 9pm and most fireworks displays don't start until 10pm. It's just too late in the day for Kayley to stay up...and it is TOOOO hot to wait around for them to begin anyway. (ooohh..I can't wait to MOVE!).

I looked for pictures from previous July 4th Celebrations to show how much Kayley has changed, but it doesn't seem like I took any in 2008? Ooops... This photo of Kayley with Elmo is from July last year and she was wearing her red, white and blue, but we just didn't do anything fun for the 4th last year... so I guess no pictures?

The following photos are from Kayley's first Independence Day! July 2007.


  1. She sure has grown!! It is nice to follow your family on this blog. We miss you guys. We have been in Yuma for over a year. We hope that you guys have an awesome move to Colorado.

  2. Happy belated 4th. Thanks for putting the past pictures up. They're cute!


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