Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Cake Pop Company

We have a small bucket list...a "things to do in Springfield" list.  I know, I know...there are not a ton of things to do in Springfield, but I have been having a fun time checking things off on our to-do list.  One of the things we wanted to check out was a quiet little place called "the Cake Pop Company."
The Cake Pop Co makes delicious little "cupcakes on a stick," marshmallows on a stick, sinfully delicious cupcakes and whoopie pies!  They were oh-so good and the girls LOVED them!

 All gone!
(LOLOLOLOL!  Are you loving the red velvet teeth?)
I totally recommend the Cake Pop Co.  
Check out their website and go get some deliciousness!


  1. Omgoodness I bet everything is YUMMY!!! My kids would have had a blast as well!

  2. they look awesome just wondering where the company is or if their is more then one live near Mackay would love too use cake pops as my wedding cake as well as a bigger cake too cut but thought the cake pops would b perfect for guests can anyone please tell me if there is anywhere in Mackay i could get them thank you.


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