Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy - Busy - BUSY!

Hi!  We have been so busy!  Here is a random update of all the things that are happening around here....

First, it was Daddy's birthday!  Since he had to work that day and had church meetings that night we decided to surprise him with an impromptu birthday party complete with our rental crowd (thanks Elders!), cookies with a candle stuck in them, and wrapped birthday presents!  

Then, I've taken on a really insane project.  
I'm redoing Kayley's room...  Here is what it looked like before:

Here is what it looked like after I shoved everything into the middle of the room...

Poor Kayley has been temporarily displaced into the yellow room...

To go in her new room I found this awesome dresser on 
Craigslist for only 50 bucks!  
And the cute shelf came from the thrift store for less than 10$!
Both will be getting a fresh coat of paint...

Here is a sneak peek of what Kayley's room is shaping up to look like now...
Oh!  The excitement!  Oh!  The drama!! 

The girls completed their summer reading program at the library...and we've had fun running around gathering as many freebies and discounts as possible!

We put a swing up in the front yard for Kayley.  I have since been eaten alive by chiggers while watching her play.  But she has had fun.  Now if only it would cool off a bit?  Setting record high temps the last few days hasn't been fun for Mommy!  blah! 

I know I mentioned a while back that I had been selected to participate on The Old Schoolhouse Magazine's "review crew."  

I'm really excited to be invited to participate!  I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes blog updating and networking while gearing up for the launch of the blog tour!  

I've also been invited to participate in WorkBox Wednesdays with Adventures in Home Education. 

Workbox Wednesday

You can find the link in the far left column!  Each week I will be blogging about what is in our workbox and linking up with several other bloggers via the Workbox Wednesday link-up!

I am also excited to participate in the Slim Down Sundays meme with Heartfelt Homeschooling!
Heartfelt Homeschooling
We will be blogging our weight loss journey on Sundays!  This linkup can also be found in the left hand column.

And that is NOT all!  Whew!
I have been blessed to participate in The Bible in 90 Days Program!
Hosted by Mom's Toolbox, everyone is invited to participate in a 90 Day Bible Challenge.  I have never actually read the entire Bible, I'm pretty excited to participate!

I'm also really excited to share that my blog is now hosted on the Hip Mom's Ultimate Homeschool Blogroll!
You can find me there under "traditional homeschoolers."

It's also a big deal (for me anyway - lol) that I have made my first ever blog button!
I know, it's not very cute...I'll update it eventually, but for now, I like it! 
And I made it all by myself!!

I'm also excited to be the proud owner of Swinging On Small Hinges first Facebook fan page!
Find us here:  Swinging On Small Hinges
I would love it if you would take the time to hop over there and click "like."

Well.  I think that is about it!
We have been on summer break from school for about 2 weeks and will likely start back the first week of August.  We have a really, really, really busy month.  We still have Maggie's adoption finalization (tomorrow!!), Kayley's 5th birthday party coming up, I have a training webinar to attend for The Old Schoolhouse, a Facebook party for Amanda Bennett's Unit Studies (poor me - lol), and Kayley's Zoo School coming up!  I am excited that I also have several book reviews lined up for the remainder of this month as well!


  1. Your July sounds like ours has been. Welcome to the Crew and to the world of adoption (I know,you aren't "new" to that lol)

    Following from the crew.

    Oh LOVE your header photo :)

  2. Wow! You'll lose 20 in no time with all those projects! Remodeling is such fun! Especially kids rooms. :-) I'm gonna check out the Bible in 90 - the Gideons were kind enough to leave me a Bible. :-)

  3. That room is going to be so cute! Great job! You look like a busy mama. Which webinar are you doing for the TOS crew? I'm in the one on the 20th. Congratulations on your adoption finalization!!


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