Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It is What it Is.

 Well - today was supposed to be the day.   The day where we finalized our adoption and made Maggie officially ours!  But, it was not to be - or - at least not today.  Finalizing this adoption has been 1 hiccup after another.   Since we moved in the middle of placement it was not unexpected that there would be a "little" delay.  But, paperwork that was required by the state of Missouri wasn't done by the state of Arizona because it wasn't a requirement there.  A caseworker that lives 4 hours from us so follow up placements occurred sporadically.  A lawyer who hasn't *technically* done a domestic adoption before so it is hit and miss.  A circuit judge who is only in our courthouse once a month so HE is hit and miss.  Well...all of those things add up to one BIG, fat, delay.  

We spent an hour waiting for our turn to see the Judge, (We took lots of pictures while we waited!) but never got to step foot in the courtroom.  We were told that once again, some minor paperwork is missing...and until we provide that documentation we cannot finalize.  After some deliberation between our lawyer and the Judge it was decided that we would be allowed to come back in 2 weeks and squeeze in between some Jury selection thing during the Judges lunch break.  Hopefully...THAT will be it!  

I'm not stressed.  Really.  A little frustrated.  Thank goodness this is not a contested adoption and we are not delayed in a battle of birthparents.  We have a wonderful relationship with Maggie's birthmom Melissa and it is not an issue with termination of rights or anything terrifying.

Paperwork faux pas - no problem.  

It is what it is... 
And all will be well eventually.  



  1. How vexing!! But like you said, at this point, what a few more weeks?? Hoping the little extended wait time will go by quickly. At least you got some great pictures out of your visit to the court house. :) I can't wait for it to be final!

  2. Very cute family pictures! Hope the adoption goes through soon!


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