Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Winding Down (of the biological clock)

(Image by Allen Wallace)

Well, that's it then.  I am now 35.  

I think that any of my friends who struggle with infertility will recognize right off the significance of this birthday.  Turning 35 is the end of an era.  A turning point in your fertility.  Statistically speaking your ability to conceive takes a deep nose dive around the age of 35.   
A veritable winding down of your biological clock.

When looking at success rates at fertility treatment clinics there is an obvious dividing line:

> 34      and      < 35

Success rates are generally MUCH higher in the 34 and under crowd.
Success rates are noticeably lower in the 35+ crowd.
Does it matter a whole lot to me?  
It shouldn't.  
But somehow it still does just a little bit.

 Like a trusty alarm clock, every so often I hit "snooze" on my infertility until it awakens me again with reminder that I have a slight discrepancy in that aspect of my life.   The passing of time and the opportunity to parent has made life easier.  But, infertility, my old friend woke me up to remind me that I will not need that snooze button much longer since my biological clock is winding down.

Blah.  Who needs an alarm clock anyway??

I have something even better.

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  1. I think my clock goes backwards. LOL. When I was younger, I struggled with infertility....doctors, drugs, the whole 9 yards. I had my oldest daughter right after I turned 28 and my twins right before I turned 30. After years more of secondary infertility, I unexpectedly became pregnant at 36 and gave birth at 37 and again when I was 40 and I also just recently miscarried at 41. I guess what I'm saying is that sometimes, 35 is just a number. LOL

    I totally agree! Who needs an alarm clock!

    See you around on The Crew. :)

    My So Called Homeschool Life


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