Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Workbox Wednesday

Kayley's First Grade Workbox:

Bible - Christian Light Education 103 - Lesson 12.  Today Moses has parted the Red Sea.  Kayley is also speaking in Primary next week so we are working on her talk. 

Math - BJU Lesson 20, a short review on the first 19 lessons.  We also learned about telling time "30 minutes later" and played the Match - It Addition review game.

Social Studies - CLE 101-6  I broke down and bought Christian Light Ed to cover the downtimes between Unit Studies.  Kayley loves the small workbook format.  The lessons are short.  I will say they require a lot of writing which is not our favorite, so we just pick and choose and I do not make Kayley do all of them.  They are similar workbooks to Lifepac - only they are cheaper.  We are learning about our Community and our Family.

Science - CLE 101-6.  We were learning about wide and narrow, big and tall, etc.  Major review, but at least we are breezing through it pretty quickly and will get to some more challenging stuff later.

Language Arts - BJU.  All lessons are together on lesson 20.  Handwriting - practicing numbers.  Phonics -st word blend.  Reading - "The Elk Hunt" and "The Game" (a BOB book).  We did our service word flash cards.  During breakfast we just finished reading from Read & Learn with Classic Stories.  This morning we read Aesop's Fables.  We haven't been doing the activities...we've just been enjoying the classic children's stories.  We are also going to be reviewing the book Backyard Horses so we will be reading that over the next couple of weeks too.

Spanish - Mi Comida.  We are learning the names of food.

Fine Arts - Our newest picture study is Christmas Eve by Carl Larsson

Maggie's Pre-Preschool WorkBox:

We have discovered The Five Little Monkeys and Maggie wants to read the little board books over and over and over again.  I really recommend Five Llittle Monkey's Jump on the Bed and Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree!  We are also learning a lot by watching Baby Signing Time Vol 1 & 2!  We can now sign "more, all done, milk, please, and cracker!"

Mom's Workbox:  (No reason I should be left out right?)

I am reading several interesting books right now and I watched a couple interesting movies:


I also have 5 reviews coming up!  Time 4 Learning, Before Five in a Row, Polar Star Studies, Character Concepts for Preschoolers and e-mealz!

Want to know what everybody else has in their workbox today?  Check it out here:
Workbox Wednesday


  1. Thanks for linking up! I love the "mom" workboxes! I SO need them! Have a great week!

  2. Just popping by from Workbox Wednesdays! Love the idea of a parent workbox! How cool is that!!!


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