Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fearlessly Feminine Challenge Day 4

Welcome to Fearlessly Feminine Challenge Day 4!  I can't believe the temperatures here dropped to 44 degrees last night!  BRRR!  I will admit that it has been nice to get out one of my favorite sweaters though.  :)  Our cooler temps won't stick around for much longer, but it has made for pleasant skirt-wearing days.  Today we will be running some errands and that elusive Orkin man (yesterdays no-show) should be coming this morning to check up on his spider traps.  (Fortunately we haven't seen any spiders in weeks after those initital 3 brown recluse!)

Today I thought I'd pass along a couple of other things I had been thinking about.  I had a commenter mention that it would be difficult to follow all the rules in the Old Testament and according to some of those rules one of her family members would be deemed "unclean" and unable to enter the Temple due to a completely normal birthmark.

This is true.  In fact, in Moses' time and still in Jewish tradition, there are 600+ mitzvah's or commandments that they are required to follow.  To you and me many of them are a little bizarre.  Don't let this touch that plate... Don't cook your meat with milk.  Sacrifice and burn.  Bake bread and then sacrifice it.  If a woman gives birth to a son she is unclean for a week...a daughter she is unclean for even longer.  Very weird stuff for a modern Christian.

I think it is good to note though, that, as modern Christians we don't have to follow those mitzvah's anymore because the Law of Moses has been fulfilled by the coming of Christ.  I read a great talk by Stephen E. Robinson that addressed this issue.  He said:

One of the most persistent doctrinal questions in the early Church concerned the precise role of the Law of Moses in the gospel of Jesus Christ: Was the gospel only an addition or appendix to the Law of Moses, in which case the requirements of the Law were still in effect; or was the gospel itself a new law which replaced the old and rendered it obsolete? Again and again this question was raised in the Church, particularly by Jewish members, and much of the New Testament deals with it.

Yet the position of the Church had been made quite clear from the beginning. The Savior himself in the Sermon on the Mount had shown that the old rules were no longer adequate and that those who wished to enter the kingdom of heaven must subscribe to a new standard of righteousness. (See Matt. 5:20.) Even the Ten Commandments, the ethical heart of the Law, were represented by Jesus as insufficient for salvation except as encompassed within the higher principles of the gospel.

For example, the Savior expanded the commandments “Thou shalt not kill” and “Thou shalt not commit adultery,” by now commanding Christians to avoid even hatred or lust. (Matt. 5:28, 44.) Merely abstaining from adultery and murder was no longer sufficient. Christians must now change their very hearts, and this was more than the old Law had required. Also, at the Last Supper Jesus had made it clear that the atonement he was about to accomplish instituted a new covenant which would replace that of Sinai...And yet it is vital to note that in the teaching of Jesus, the Law was not revoked nor repealed but fulfilled. (Matt. 5:17.) Under the gospel of Christ, murder, adultery, and dishonesty are still prohibited, and the formal requirements of the Law are still essentially in place; but the demand of the Law of Moses has been expanded, has been filled to its fullest extent.

So, did the command in Deuteronomy, that a woman shouldn't dress like a man, go away with the fulfillment of the law?  Nope.  And neither did the 10 Commandments - thank goodness.  But--the unclean/clean & sacrifices did.  The 10 Commandments have been added to...and if you look at Paul's teachings to the people of Corinth, not only are women still wearing skirts, but he admonished women that they needed to have their hair covered when praying or prophesying.   And since we are told that we should "pray unceasingly" many convicted women wear a headcovering at all times.  (The topic of headcoverings could make a whole week of  This is something that I have tried or felt challenged to do. Yet.)

I had mentioned in a previous posting that, as a kid, even my mother wasn't allowed to wear pants to school.  And once they decided that the kids could, she still wasn't allowed to wear jeans...only "slacks."  It was around this same time that many things in the world began a rapid change.  Americans were into peace, love, & rock n' roll.  In 1973 abortion was legalized.  Women began working outside of the home - being a Mom wasn't fulfilling enough.  School prayer became controversial.  Interest in the occult was becoming popular...  and so it goes.  

Today we have been told that wearing skirts/dresses are things of the cultural past and not necessary to women today.  I wonder how true that really is?  

Thanks for stopping by today!  If you are participating, or even if you are not, feel free to leave a comment, link up or grab a button!  Have a wonderful day!

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