Monday, September 26, 2011

Destination Adventure -Days 1 and 2

 We headed out on September 14th for a fun filled 8 day trip to Salt Lake City to see James' family, Kayley's birthmom and to be sealed to our daughter Maggie in the Salt Lake Temple! 
This picture pretty much sums up the start of our trip!  Ok, ok, it wasn't bad.  Our trip started out great, we left Wednesday night, drove up to Kansas City and spent the night in a relatively crummy Days Inn.  The next morning we headed out for the long drive to Cheyenne Wyoming!

Kayley did a little bit of school work in the car (which she did NOT mind since the trip was very long and mostly boring).

As we drove out we stopped by the Kansas City Temple to see how it was coming along...  
Very nicely!

Then as we headed North up the Interstate the roads were flooded and we were forced to detour and then detour again until we ended up in Omaha, Nebraska.  

Which wasn't too bad so we decided to pay a visit to the Winter Quarters Temple, Mormon Trail Visitors Center and the Mormon Pioneer Cemetery.

While in the visitors center a sweet Sister Missionary helped Kayley dress the part of a pioneer girl.

 The girls learned how to pack their wagons for the trek West.
As we got on the road again we eventually came across this interesting rest area somewhere in NE.  Yes, that is Abe Lincolns head...

We also played at the NE visitor info center where Maggie and Kayley became criminals!

The next day we drove through Wyoming.  
The view across Wyoming can actually be quite beautiful as you get closer to Utah.
You can see the mountains far off in the makes me think about how the pioneers must have struggled looking at those mountains so far after day...and all that walking and they just never got closer! 
Anyway - a very pretty drive as we headed into UT.

Although Maggie missed much of it.

And...then it rained.  A lot.

Tune in next time for the continuing saga
of the Salt Lake City Vacation Trip - Day 4!!

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