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Fearlessly Feminine - Only 2 more days!

Save the date!
Only 2 more days until the Fearlessly Feminine Challenge begins!!  
I hope to see you all back here next week! 

A lot of the discussion about women wearing skirts centers around the command in Deuteronomy 22:5 in which God states (through Moses) that it is an abomination to the Lord for a man to wear women’s clothing and for women to wear men’s clothing. God has decreed that He has created us both, male and female, and He expects us to look different.

Deuteronomy 22:5 reads:
The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are an abomination unto the LORD thy God.

So, really, why dresses? First of all, the scripture doesn't actually say that a woman shalt wear dresses and the man shalt wear pants! Besides, back then, didn't both sexes wear similar clothing? I've been asked the question, "weren't robes like dresses? and Jesus wore didn't Jesus wear a dress?" Goooood Point!

I'll pick apart the research I have done...

What did Jesus wear?
(or in other words...did Jesus wear a dress?)

In Jesus' time :
Men wore--
Tunic (short, usually stopped just below the knee to mid-calf. No this was NOT a dress, although it was not pant either!)
Girdle (a belt)
Mantle (outer garment - like a robe)
*(Interesting fact... to "gird your loins" meant literally to take your Mantle and bring it up between your legs and tuck it into your girdle to keep it from getting in the way while you were working or running! Men often showed a LOT more leg than girls and when girded had a look that was similar to shorts... Women wouldn't have done would have been very indecent!)

Women wore--
Tunic (very long -- or in other words a dress, definitely NOT pants or something that showed any leg!)
Girdle (belt-more ornamented that a males)
Mantle (ornamented and LONG)
Veil (Head covering)

So- Jesus did NOT wear a dress. And, you are right! He did not wear pants either!

If we look at Deuteronomy we have to understand that the point is that it is NOT appropriate for a woman to wear that which is considered mans clothing. (An image of the restroom sign popped into my head). She should wear that, which is womans clothing... (which, back then and up until the sexual revolution were modest dresses -regardless of what the man wore!).

I know, I know! There are many, many, many points that could be argued here...

Yes, there are obviously pants that are womens pants that could not really be worn by a man...but the question is, is it truly appropriate for a woman to wear pants at all? Don't look at me...I've been hung up on this issue for a while now. I'm not sure. What about this it appropriate for a man to wear a womans dress? We raise our eyebrows at that because, isn't. A dress is womens clothing! At least here in the U.S. and many European cultures it is. Of course, there are some individuals who cross dress...but, that is not the point!

I liked this comment from Dana I received on my blog during last years challenge...and she is right, a LOT of it does depend on culture. (I love surrounding myself with smart, educated people! Thanks for the thoughtful comment Dana!)

She said, "As for what constitutes "mens clothing" that all depends on the culture in which a person is living. In the middle east for example both men and women wear robes but colors vary. Women also wear the hijab of course covering their hair, neck, throat.

In the Pacific islands we find again that both sexes wear what we'd call a dress/skirt.

It both of the above cultures it's vitally important to wear these items as it helps the body maintain a healthy body temp & prevents overheating.

In colder climates among Innuit peoples in Siberia/Alaska/Canada we find that the dressing standards among the sexs is identical. Again it's a matter of keeping the body temperature regulated in a harsh environment.

Also in the Asian cultures we find that both sexes wear similar clothing tradtionally with color & pattern being the only real difference.

As of today those are the only true variations between the sexes within Western culture. People of both sexes tend to dress comfortably in whatever way best suits their individual needs. As we saw the need for women to crossover into jobs that were traditionally held by men we found that they began to adapt their dressing style to suit their workplace environs. For instance women can't work wearing dresses inside a factory setting as the loose garment could easily become entangled in fast moving equipment resulting in catastrophic injury and even death. The same goes for women who began to operate farm equipment once it became mechanized. It's too dangerous to work around thrashers/hay bailers/etc... in a skirt so they changed their attire.

She is absolutely right, historically, a lot of things changed during WWII when it became necessary for a woman to wear her husbands trousers while she worked on heavy & dangerous machinery... but interestingly enough, most women did NOT wear pants during social activities. It was still 'not done.' It wasn't until the late 60s (the sexual revolution man! peace! love! etc...) that everything changed.

It has only been in the last 50 years or so that wearing pants became 'OK.' My mom has told me that, for her, even up until late elementary school, it was required that girls wear skirts to school....because...well, girls wear skirts. Boys wore pants.
Another thought I had about the other the Scotland, Middle East, Pacific Islands, etc...  They are historically non-Christian...many are Pagan religions.
Food for thought.
Anyway, my hope is to get you thinking.  I wear pants.  I wear skirts.  I love this challenge to get me thinking about which one I should be wearing the most...  Last year I wore skirts for a week...and then another...and then another...  I felt pretty.  I felt feminine.  I felt like I was pleasing my Heavenly Father.

So!  I hope to see you next week!!

Check out the original Feelin' Feminine Challenge here:

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  1. I can't really go by all the rules in the Old Testament. According to one section, which I can't remember, my awesome husband would be excluded from the temple because he is unclean, having a port-wine birthmark. Yikes.

    Also, reading The Year of Living Biblically opened my eyes to all the rules there really are in the OT. Food for thought.

    I do wear skirts at least twice a week during the warmer months. Originally it started with a backlog of laundry, but I found out I enjoyed wearing a skirt now and them just because. I have even weeded the garden in one. Gotta say, I prefer overalls for that particular chore.

    I hope you enjoy your fearlessly feminine challenge.


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