Friday, July 20, 2012

Eventide - Deseret Book Review

When a traveling bard stumbles into a dragon's den, he is forced to tell stories to the fire-breathing menace or end up being eaten. Eventually running out of tales to share, he makes a deal with the dragon: for his freedom, he will return with new sagas of adventure, romance, and bravery.
Tales of the Dragon's Bard is the story of one man's quest to collect the most exciting stories he possibly can, and Eventide is the first town he encounters. With wish-women, gnomes, a centaur farmer, a resident Gossip Fairy, and a blacksmith dwarf, those living in Eventide have enough going on to keep the Dragon's Bard busy collecting—especially if he can liven up those adventures a bit with his own ridiculous plots. 

 Author Tracy Hickman brings us a fun work of fiction in his new book, Eventide-Tales of the Dragon's Bard.  A fantasy story following the adventures of Edvard the Just and his unlikely apprentice Abel as they travel the country-side in search of exciting stories to share with the mighty, man-devouring dragon, Khrag.  Passing through Eventide, Edvard is certain he has found his next greatest story in the awkward Jarod Klum and the lovely daughter of the High-Wish Woman, Caprice Morgan.  As the bard sets the scene and arranges his cast of characters - the scene is set for his next greatest story...

What I thought of Eventide:  Fantasy is not my favorite genre and I did find this a bit difficult to read as it is written with an "olde English" kind of style dotted throughout and it started a bit slow BUT I did enjoy following the sweet romance between Jarod and Caprice once the story got going.   

Eventide - Tales of the Dragon's Bard retails for $23.99 at Deseret Book.  It is also available as an ebook for Deseret Bookshelf or as an MP3 download.

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