Monday, July 9, 2012


 Well, we've been gone a long time!  I've done the bare minimum on my blog since I've been so busy.  The girls and I had a great, extended trip to Virginia to spend time with Gramma & Papa.   We enjoyed Gramma here on this end for a whole month, then left to VA to spend 3 weeks out there!  It was a mixed bag of emotions to come home.  We were tired of being out of a routine but we were having so much fun that getting back into a routine didn't sound like much fun either.    Here we are though.  We've been home a week and I'm just now getting around to posting some pictures from our trip.

Papa bought this awesome thing called a trail-a-bike.  It is probably about one of the coolest things ever.  Kayley had a great time riding behind Papa.  The best part?  That thing folds up!  So Papa folded that little bike up and stuck it in the back of my van!  When it is not 100+ degrees outside Kayley and I will be out tearing up the pavement!

 There is a great playground near Gramma and Papa's house.  
We spent several evenings there.
The whole time we were there the weather was amazing.

While we were in VA my dad rode his bike in the MS 150.  
We waited a bit for him near the finish line...
Does this expression on Kayley's face not crack you up?
 Then cheered when he rode in!

Papa decided my van needed to be cleaned out (I don't know why, the floorboards were only a little crunchy from our trip).  So we had a full morning of "car washing."  Kayley scrubbed out her carseat and got drenched playing in the hose.

Then we decided to build this little fire pit so we could roast marshmallows.

We did some educational travel while we were there too.  We went to Jamestown settlement.  It was really interesting.  We had watched the Nest video about Pocahontas.  This is a much more accurate depiction of the real Pocahontas (not like the Disney version which is pretty inaccurate).  We also enjoyed the Nest video about William Bradford which tells the story of the first Thanksgiving.  To go along with all of these we read the Magic Treehouse book "Thanksgiving on Thursday."  I know, it is a little off-season but I had to take advantage of the fact that we were going to Jamestown.    In addition we read Boys and Girls of Colonial Days and several from the American Girl Felicity series.  I had so many big plans to lapbook and such but in the end we just never got around to it.  In hindsight I've decided that reading library books and visiting cool places makes a pretty decent unit study already.  We learned a lot and had a great time.

Can you tell which one is the real Powhatan?
 In a wigwam...or is it a wiki-up?
 Kayley grinding us some corn.  
We were hoping for a tortilla but decided it would take too long.

 The boat is a replica of the vessel that John Smith and the Virginia company sailed on.  It cracked me up during the tour when a lady asked, "so how much of this replica is original?"  The tour guide was very patient when he explained..."uh, none of it.  It is a replica."

Trying on some armor in the settlement.

I hope we are not relying on this guy to protect our village.

We also went to George Washington's birthplace.  Last time we visited Virgina we went to Ferry Farm...Washington's boyhood home, but this time we went to his actual birthplace.  Believe it or not both places are within 30 minutes of my parents house.  I found it so incredible to step out the door and be in the shadows of history within minutes.

While we were at George Washington's birthplace Kayley completed their junior ranger program and earned a really cool patch.  Even cooler?  Her Ranger mentor's name was Pocahontas.  For real!  Kayley was really thrilled to be able to tell her that she knew all about Pocahontas.
 Maggie along for the ride....
 Kayley identifying plants in nature.  It was a good thing we had Papa along or this would've taken us a really long time.  This Mom is NOT very nature-ly.

Back at home the girls had their picture taken in the ye old Corvair.
 And Maggie had a great time scootering around on this vintage radio flyer.

Eventually we returned home where Kayley was blessed with an early birthday present from Gramma and Papa.  She rode off into the sunset....

I really love my parents.  We had such a great time! 

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