Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spelunking Anyone?

We kind of fly by the seat of our pants right now for Science in our homeschool.  I know, I know!  We are going to get more focused on Science as we move into the next school year, but right now we have been having too much fun doing our own thing and we really plan to keep it that way to a point.  Recently I had asked Kayley what she wanted to study for Science and she told me she wanted to go see some caves. 

SWEET!  Easy!  Fun!  and Educational!

We went a few places.  First we headed to Talking Rocks Cavern down in Branson.  Kayley had a great time playing in the "speleobox."  A speleobox is a "mock" cave that you can practice crawling through.  Pretty brilliant if you ask me.  It was a labyrinth so  you went in one door and eventually snaked around out the other door.


They had another speleobox inside...
see Kayley looking at you from the little window below?
We explored the Cave, which is a "vertical cave" meaning...if you slipped and fell you'd plummet to a sudden death and splatter on the rocks below.  Or maybe you'd just keep falling all the way to China.  Either way...basically what I'm saying is, I'll never do THAT with little kids again!  I had no blood left in my hands from clutching Maggie so tightly!  Thankfully there were 3 of us because Gramma came with us too!

We also headed to Fantastic Caverns again and enjoyed the comfort of America's only ride-thru cave.  I think we would have enjoyed more, but once the record-breaking heat set in, we pretty much shut down and got back to school.  We have enjoyed a lot of library books and identifying all kinds of cave formations though and will get a chance to do Marvel Cave and Civil War Cave in the fall!

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