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Keyboarding for the Christian School -Plus Coupon Code! -- Schoolhouse Crew Review

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Remember that?

I learned how to type in High School on a vintage, classic, HUGE, typewriter.  Of course that was back in the dark ages before they even had "self-correcting" typewriters.  I remember carrying around that little white box of correction paper that you stuck in the typewriter, then hit the special "fix-it" button to erase your error.  Don't get me started on what happened when you were writing a paper and made a serious error!  You had to type that page all over again!  Ugh!

Thank goodness for this day and age where everything is easily done on a computer.  Knowing how to use a computer is a great skill.  Since typing is second nature to me, I hadn't put much thought into exactly how or when I would teach my children to type...  Now I don't have to worry about it!  Thanks to an opportunity through the Schoolhouse Review Crew we had a fun time reviewing Keyboarding For Christian Schools, Elementary Version by Leanne Beitel.

Did you even know you could teach really young children to type?  I didn't either!  Keyboarding for the Christian School is Christian Small Publisher's Exclusive E-Book Winner for 2012.  This version offers the basics of learning the keyboard through the help of Miss Mabel the ladybug!  Simple and effective you learn the Qwerty keyboard without the seek-n'-punch!

About the Program:
The program is no-frills and easy to follow.  The lessons are broken up as follows:
1.  Introductory material - Why learn how to type, Qwerty Keyboard geography and terminology, and Touch Typing Technique such as how to sit, hold your wrists, etc.
2.  Lessons 1-20 are learning alpha keys.
3.  Lessons 21-25 are learning symbol keys.
4.  Lesson 30 is on horizontal and vertical centering.
5.  Lesson 31 on enumerated lists.
6.  Lesson 32:  Timed Writing tests

What we loved about Christian Keyboarding:
-Once you make your way through learning the keys you begin typing Psalms.  Love it!
-Kayley felt SO grown up and she was thrilled to be learning how to type.

What we didn't love about Christian keyboarding:
-Horizontal and vertical centering directions are incompatible with my Word for iMac program - I am running the 2008 version.
-The type was so small - I sure wish we had bought the large-print.  Kayley lost her place so easily looking back and forth.  I'd recommend one of those stand-up clip boards with the moveable ruler to help you find your place.

Christian Keyboarding-Elementary is available in a regular or large-print edition for $12.95 as a pdf download or you can order a hard copy for $45.00 (which includes shipping & handling). 

Check out some sample lessons HERE.

Great news!
Christian Keyboarding is offering a great deal for my readers! 
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Expiration: 8-29-12

Ready to purchase?  Click HERE.

Want to find out what my fellow crewmates thought of Christian Keyboarding?  Check out there reviews by clicking the linky below:


Disclaimer:  I received Christian Keyboarding free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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