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Zane Education - Schoolhouse Crew Review

 In our homeschool we get to review a lot interesting curriculum.  It seems I am always swamped with lots of interesting things to download and read.  It isn't often that we get an opportunity to review a product that lets us kick back and watch!  Through the Schoolhouse Review Crew we were given an opportunity to review Zane Education, a video database overflowing with supplemental materials perfect for the classroom or homeschool!

What is Zane Education?
Using the world's largest and most comprehensive library of fully subtitled education video currently available online, Zane Education provides a highly effective and unequalled online visual learning solution using curriculum-based educational video, interactive quizzes, video study tools and free lesson plans.

Nearly 2,000 curriculum-based education videos and a quiz database of over 23,000 curriculum-based multiple-choice questions provides online learning for 11 different subjects and more than 260 curriculum topics for K-12 grades. And more material and resources are being added all the time.

Schools, teachers, home educators, tutors, students, special needs and gifted children, and students learning ESL across the United States and in other countries are using Zane Education's on-demand Visual Learning solution in their homes and classrooms as a valuable and trusted teaching resource. 

(Info taken from their website, click HERE to read more...)

How Zane Education Works:
Zane Education offers 260+ video content to supplement your homeschool.  Each video offers colorful slides, narration and subtitles to reach each child's individual learning style and to hit all of those learning styles at once!  Zane maintains that it fills in "the missing piece" compared to most educational videos by providing the "essential subtitles that enable it to cater for different learning styles."   Learn more about "The Missing Piece" and the importance of subtitles by clicking HERE.

Each Zane video also offers a downloadable .pdf Lesson Plan guide that offers review questions, key glossary terms and an interesting section for older students called "sharpen your skills."  Sharpen Your Skills offers thought-provoking questions for discussion and debate, a research assignment, activity and essay assignment.

In addition to a teachers guide your student can take the Online Quiz found in each section.  Each quiz helps your student learn by providing the answer and explanation to correct/incorrect answers.  You can track quiz scores by emailing completed quiz results.  (Just FYI:  Math quizzes are not owned by Zane and therefore are not subtitled and there are no quizzes.)

Zane offers over 200 videos in the following subjects:  Art, Biology, Geography, Health, History, Library Skills, Literature, Math, Music, Religious Studies, Science and Social Studies.  Each video series has a recommended age/grade range.  Several of the videos offer fun and interesting characters to follow through the entire video series.  The Lollipop Dragon takes you on a tour of South America...

In the science videos, Maggie the Owl takes 2 little boys into a storybook where they learn about different types of species of plants and animals.

What we thought of Zane Education:
1.  The subtitles were a nice addition to the video.  I am unsure of how well Kayley kept up with them while we were watching but I know she tried.  I do firmly believe that reading as well as seeing and hearing enhance the overall learning experience so I know for certain that the subtitles with the videos are a great thing!
2.  Some of the recommended ages for the videos were a stretch.  We watched a couple of videos where Kayley immediately glazed over.  I'd suggest watching the video first to see if the age range is a fit for your child.
3.  Another good reason to watch the video first:  the science videos do teach evolution.  I'm not saying this is a bad thing, just something that a strict creationist family might not want to have to explain without at least a heads up.
4.  The videos had a tendency to freeze up on us and we couldn't always finish watching a video unless we reloaded the page.  Not a major issue...just an inconvenience.

How to purchase Zane Education:

There are several membership levels for purchasing Zane.

1.  Basic Membership is free and gives you access to demo versions of the videos.
2.  Topic Taster Membership is $5.00 per month and gives you access to the videos within in a single topic you have chosen.
3.   Bronze Membership is $8.99 per month and gives access to all videos within a single subject you have chosen.
4.  Silver Membership is $12.99 per month and gives access to all videos for a single grade you have chosen.
5.  Gold Membership is $17.99 per month and gives full site access.
6.  Yearly Memberships are also available, starting at $98.89 per Single Subject through the Best Value – Full Access - Gold Membership for $197.89.

Ready to Buy?  To purchase Zane Education click HERE.

Many of my crewmates also reviewed Zane Education, to see what they thought, click the link below...


Disclaimer:  I received Zane Education free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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