Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Perfect Brightness of Hope - Deseret Book Review

Are you or someone you know experiencing feelings of darkness and despair? Do you feel alone in your suffering? 

In this volume, A Perfect Brightness of Hope, author Davis S. Baxter brings light to those of us who feel beyond help and hope, reminding us that we are not alone, however alone we may feel. He testifies powerfully of the need each of us has to draw hope from the Atonement of Jesus Christ—hope for a future that's better than the life we're living right now.
Based on real-life experiences of family breakdown, disrupted childhood, severe financial trials, and life-threatening illness, Elder Baxter illuminates gospel principles and scriptural insights with inspiring stories from his own experiences. He describes how we can "act in hope" and outlines changes that will come into our lives as a result of that action. 

Through Elder Baxter's words and stories in A Perfect Brightness of Hope, you will find empathy, understanding, spirit-lifting counsel, and—most of all—real, lasting hope in the Savior, Jesus Christ. 
In this book Elder Baxter touches on a subject that is taboo to many people...Latter-day Saints included.  Depression and despair is very real, even in the church.  Even those individuals who have the gospel are not immune to Satan's lies that we are not good enough and that we should feel beaten down to the point of giving up.  After living a life of disappointment and abuse Elder Baxter created his own inspirational story by overcoming his despair and apathy and finding hope for the future.  This book provides insight into how you can do the same by taking advantage of the gifts of the Savior and finding peace.   A Perfect Brightness of Hope offers just that...a bright hope for those that are weary, discouraged and forlorn.  Well written and easy to understand all who read this will feel that enduring to the end is not only possible but desirable.  My husband and I read this together and enjoyed it immensely!

A Perfect Brightness of Hope retails for $22.49 at Deseret Book as a hardback or you can purchase the Bookshelf Edition for only $14.97.  You can also read the first chapter for free by clicking HERE.

Disclaimer:  Thank you to Deseret Book for providing me a free copy of A Perfect Brightness of Hope in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.


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