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Math Made Easy - Addition Teaching & Learning -- Schoolhouse Crew Review

When I was a child I did not memorize my addition facts.  In fact, I can remember having "Math Minute" where for 60 seconds we would scramble to complete as many addition problems as we could.  My fingers (for counting, not writing) could only move so fast...and of course, by the 5th grade or so trying to hide your fingers under your desk slowed me down even more!  Needless to say, I was never very quick with the addition problems.  I am always looking for a program that will help my kids fly through math facts!  Thanks to Math Made Easy and the Schoolhouse Review Crew, we had a chance to review Addition Teaching and Learning Made Easy- Homeschool Edition.

About Math Made Easy:
When I first received this book I gave it a look-over and it struck me as an older type of something I would've used in school in the 80s.  Comb-bound and very unassuming the first page tells the teacher right up front, "a new way to teach an old subject."  I, quite honestly, was thinking this was going to be like every other workbook I have picked up and never used.  Boy, was I wrong! 

Primarily recommended for kids in the K-2nd grade range, Addition Made Easy utilizes a teaching method that allows kids to easily memorize their first addition facts, then quickly start eliminating what they learn.   Once kids learn the addends to zero and one they can can start moving on to tougher word problems.  Teaching the communicative property early (4+2 is the same as 2+4) mitigates unnecessary busy work that children often deal with in typical workbooks.

Using an addition table children mark off what they have learned up to 36 math facts.  Recommended pace is learning 6 math facts per week completing the entire program, memorizing all 36 facts in only 6 weeks! 

Addition Made Easy offers a simple easy to follow lesson plan for the teacher, a pre-test and post-test, 45 worksheet pages, and several fun math-review activities including oversized flash cards and games.  You can get a closer look by checking out their sample pages.

What did we think of Math Made Easy?
-It is truly an easy way to memorize math facts.  A systematic and logical approach to learning.
-Unfortunately Kayley did NOT learn all of her math facts using this program.  I don't know if it was just her...or me...but we could not keep up with 6 math facts each week, but that is ok.  We are still progressing though the program.
-The top of each page was listed with days of the week...and while that is a good idea...we often skip school during a week day and do some school on Saturday or sometimes only school 4 days a week.  Listed as a Day 1, Day 2, etc...would've been a little less confusing for us.
-The "Math Problem of the Week" offered on Fridays were awesome!  Out-of-the-box questions that really had her using what she learned.
-Hands-On activities were different than any I had seen in other workbooks.  It's always fun to try a new way to learn the same old stuff! 

Purchasing Math Made Easy:

Addition Made Easy retails for $24.95 and can be purchased HERE.

Visit their website at:

Many of my crewmates also reviewed Addition Made Easy, but several also reviewed Multiplication Made Easy!  You can read their reviews by clicking the icon below:

Disclaimer:  We received Math Made Easy free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All the opinions expressed herein are my own...

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