Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beautiful World - Justin Cash --Deseret Book CD Review [Giveaway!}

I rarely buy church music.  Ok, ok, I'll admit that I rarely buy any music.  I think that it takes something extraordinary about that singer or that song that would make me want to shell out actual money to buy a CD.   I'm not sure why - music is pretty amazing - and music can make you feel so many emotions.  I know it makes chores go faster!  Finding music that is OK for the whole family is pretty tough too.  I remember when my daughter was small that I was listening to the radio and I was suddenly slapped with the realization that not all music is good.  I was suddenly hearing the bad words through a different lens, I heard that suggestive lyrics and from that day on... I stopped listening to the radio all together.  I decided that if it wasn't appropriate for my 4 year old, it wasn't appropriate for me either.  

Now, I do still listen to music.  Of course I do.  I've just had to work harder at finding good music that we can all enjoy as a family.  What?  You would like to find some good music too?  Great!  I'm excited that I can introduce you to one of my new favorites singer/songwriters:  Justin Cash!

Who is this guy?
Justin Cash is a husband of 10 years and dad of three little boys.   A regular, family-guy -- and this shows in his bluesy-jazzy music!  Fun, feel-good, family-friendly songs that you can relax to, be-bop to, and my personal favorite - do chores to!  His song-writing is heavily inspired by his children, his views on the world, and his faith.  You can learn more about Justin by reading his bio!

What do we think of Beautiful World?
Let me put it this way - it has been playing on repeat for the last several days.   My personal favorite is the title song, Beautiful World....my girls are partial to Rain, Rain!  You can listen to snippets of Justin's music on his webpage: http://gojustincash.com/ or enjoy this great song: If You Try...

Get to Know Justin:
Justin tells us that music is a gift that you can give your kids for their entire lives.  In this video he shares how you can give this gift to your children and what has worked for him and his family...   He insists that music a lost art that, when given to our children, will keep our culture vibrant and alive!  Check it out! 

Beautiful World retails at Deseret Book for $15.28 as a CD or $10.99 as an MP3 Download.

Here is a great deal!  I have been given the opportunity to giveaway one copy of Beautiful World to a lucky reader!  If you would like to enter to win a copy fill out the Rafflecopter below.  Drawing ends on Monday, August 27th at midnight.  Good luck!

Disclaimer:  I received Beautiful World free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.


  1. classical

  2. My favorite music is Country and Pop.

  3. I love classical music, bluegrass, folk music and classic rock and roll.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  4. i love all kinds country, classical, pop

  5. I listen to country music, I like all kinds though.
    sunniewoodyplus2 atmsn.com

  6. I really enjoy all types ...except rap!
    Samantha D
    dull2000 at cox dot net

  7. I love all music! Mostly contemporary and christian but I really do enjoy it all! Thanks so much!

  8. Usually pop and church music.

  9. I like all different kinds of music, from rap to country to classical, it depends on the song. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. My favorite is Country, mostly the old stuff :)

  11. everything...how can you not love it all..just as long as it speaks to you

  12. I like any music, depending on my mood. But I mostly listen to country, but as I am listening to one of justin cash's songs now and am really enjoyinmg the beat and the message he is sending.

  13. I love all music. All depends on my mood and the day.

  14. I like metal, hard rock, classical, christian and some Italian opera.

  15. Country music and some pop

  16. Everything, but I have a harder time with thrash and rap

  17. suebunting1977@gmail.com I love all kinds of music!


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