Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Workbox Wednesday

A little late on my posting for WorkBox Wednesday but here it is!

In Language Arts we are doing a lot of reviewing.  T and I.  Spelling words are -it, -in, -en family.  Memory words are I and here.  Kayley read 2 Bob Books vol 3.  

In Bible 1 Abraham and Sarah rejoiced at the birth of Isaac.

We also started our Charlotte Mason picture study.  We are learning a bit about Leonardo DaVinci and one of his most famous paintings The Mona Lisa!

We are also working on a manners lapbook that I created last week.  I plan on posting more about this in a separate blog update.

Kayley got a Bug Drawing Instruction book at the library and she had fun drawing a dragonfly!

We also started using Math-U-See this week...and I'm not fond of it yet.  If we can ever get over the part where, the pieces are "just like legos" we can move forward.  Lol!  We are working on place value.  I must admit that MUS seems to be making Math more complicated than necessary.  We are going to give it a couple more weeks though before we decide if it is not working...  (long story).

Pre-preschool:  We read Jesse Bear, What will you Wear from our Before Five in a Row Book, and we learned about our eyes in our Complete Resource Book for Toddlers & Twos.

Maggie also had fun "sweeping" the floor with her little dustpan and throwing it in the trash.
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Workbox Wednesday

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  1. Thanks for linking-up! We are starting BFIAR this week! Looks like you had a good week! :)


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