Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WorkBox Wednesday

Today's Workbox for 1st Grade:

Math - Math-U-See
Chapter 2.  We are counting to 20 and reviewing place values. 
We are also working on telling time using a small workbook that I picked up from Target. 

Language Arts -
Reviewing color words and the letter H. 
Handwriting is writing upper and lowercase H. 
Our spelling words for this week are: did, hid, kid, cap, nap, tap, den, hen, pen and the.
We will be reading the first story out of our reader, The Millers

We are also reading Girlhood Journeys - Shannon, a Chinatown Adventure  and Samantha, American Girl Book 5, Samantha Saves the Day.  Unfortunately, I noticed on Amazon the girlhood journeys books are getting hard to find.  They are great, very American Girl-ish.

Social Studies - Bible, we are going to see how Abraham obeys when he is asked to sacrifice Isaac!

Fine Arts - Charlotte Mason Picture Study:  
We will review The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Davinci (painted somewhere between 1503-1506) a couple more times before putting her away...
 and we are starting a new picture today. Shen Quan's, Pine, Plum & Cranes (painted in 1759).

Science - We are learning how to mount butterflies this week!

Want to know what everyone else is up to today?  
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Workbox Wednesday


  1. Thanks for linking-up! We learned about Abraham and Isaac last week! Sounds like you had another fun week!

  2. We are just going to be starting workboxes this year, so I am enjoying gathering ideas and hearing about what works for others. Thanks for sharing!


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