Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WorkBox Wednesday

Hi!  Just checking in really, really quick.  We have been having some drama at our house! We have found 2 brown recluse spiders yesterday...big, ugly ones!  One was right here on my computer desk!  One was on Kayleys BED!!!!!  Can you just say major freak-ing-out-ish-ness going on here???  I think I got maybe 2 hours of sleep last night.  Kayley spent the night in bed with us and she was plastered up next to me all night (Can you blame her???)  I woke up a dozen times...I swear...with something crawling on me.  (Or not).

Anyway - we are still doing our schoolwork this morning...the show must go on.  I've called Orkin to come rescue us...and hopefully they come soon!   I have scooted all the girls furniture to the center of the room...and spider-sprayed in the meantime.  Somebody needs to be brave and go out into the garage and into the attic...  I'll admit that I am terrified of spiders!  Just ask my mom, she'll vouch for me!

Keep calm, carry on...  We are school as usual to try to reduce the anxiety.  In our workboxes today we have:

First Grade:

1.  Social Studies/Bible - CLE Light Unit 102.  
Today Jacob is returning to Canaan with Rachel and Leah.

2.  MUS-Alpha.  Ch. 3 we are learning our 0 addition facts.  We already know our addition facts through 9 but we are learning the why's of math by using the blocks.  This is going much better now, although Kayley is finding it dull and tedious.  We might still be looking at making a switch.  In Time & Money we are learning the 1/2 hour and 1/2 hour later on both the digital and analog clocks.  We will also be reading a simple level 1 book called "Math Monsters."  A cute way to get math and reading in together!

3.  BJU Press Language Arts.  Kayley read a poem called "Colors."  We are slowly adding to our "caterpillar" reading bug!   We built a little caterpillar head out of a circle...and we are adding a circle to it for every book that Kayley reads.  She has plans of having it be SO huge that Grandma & Papa will be SO impressed when they come for their next visit!  I'm already quite impressed!!  
Handwriting is the letter U.  
Spelling words are the -and, -ill, & -ot word families and 
our service word is "they." 

4.  Science.  We will be doing Amanda Bennett's 
Download & Go Unit on Handsome Horses!!  
5.  We started Spanish this week.  So far we are just focusing on the number 1-5.  It is a subject that Kayley requested and we are dabbling with a simple spanish workbook to see how it goes.  So far she has said that it is "tough." 

I am pondering the idea of trying Speekee for Spanish.  I've heard a lot of good things about it.  If you have any thoughts or experiences let me know!  If you are an affiliate let me know that too.  :o)

6.  Computer Time.  We are having fun playing with a program called Time4Learning.  I will be posting a complete review of this product next month so stay tuned!  So far I have to peel Kayley off the computer after she gets started on it...she loves it!

7.  What we are reading now:

8.  Art Appreciation.  We have started examining Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring.


1.  Before Five in a Row.   We finished up Jessie Bear and moved on to My Blue Boat

2.  We also finished learning about our eyes and our nose.  
Now we will be learning about our mouth.

3. What we are reading:
4.  We've added 2 new cards to our Touch & Feel Picture Cards.  We have added more animals.  Lion, Sheep, Cow and Horse!

Mommy School
1.  I am excited to be continuing in the Bible in 90 Days Challenge!  
I have made it to day 38!

2.  I have been invited to participate in The Elizabeth Prentiss Study as I have been working on this daily.  It is so fun!  
It uses the book Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss and your trusty Bible.
You can buy the kindle edition of the book for only 1.00!
To learn more about the study, click here:

3.  Orkin is coming in 20 minutes!!  Gotta GO!!!

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  1. Yuck! I hate spiders! Thank goodness for bug guys! My kids beg for Time4Learning too! Thanks for linking-up!


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