Monday, August 10, 2009

Ozark Empire Fair

On Thursday night we had a fun time going to the Ozark Empire Fair with Sherry, Danny & Pete. Before we got there though, we had the express pleasure of driving through the famous, brand-spankin' new, Diverging Diamond Interchange...the FIRST in the nation!
It looks like this!
(Artist rendition, since I obviously didn't fly over it to take this photo).
It is supposed to be easier since it eliminated the need for cars to sit at the light to make the left turns to get on the highway. It was weird since you drove on the wrong side of the road for a bit, but very cool.
We got to the fair, we had to buy a bag of Pork Rinds pretty early on. Yummmy. James thought they looked gross, but he did eventually try one.
Welcome to Ozark Country Livin' Honey.

Pigs sleeping all in a row. They are kind of cute aren't they?
James finally trying that Pork Rind...
And his general consesus was?
"Not bad."
But, I noticed he didn't eat any more after that.
Self Portraiture...a requirement at any social event.
A blues brothers band.
Going to the duck pond. Always one of my favorites at the fair.
I won an ice cream scoop, a ladle and a bunch of mardi gras beads.
James won a chintzy flashlight!
We couldn't all be winners like Pete...he won a hack-saw!
A ginormous version of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots.
I won Pink-dog playing this carnival game. Yipppee! Kayley will love it!

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