Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kayley Self Portraits...

I have been listing some things on eBay so I have left my camera lying around again over the last 2 days. When I uploaded my pictures here are some funny photos I found that Kayley took of herself. It is funny...she always gets a hold of the camera when her hair is at her scraggliest. =) But, what can you do? She has become fiercely independent and takes her hair down as soon as we get home. I think she is actually standing on her head off the couch in this first picture (one of her new favorite past times).

Cute toes.
Yes, her 3rd toe is longer than her 2nd and her poor toenails are always broken from toe-stubbing. We keep them short, but they are just fragile nails.


  1. Love them:) Isn't it funny how the littlest things makes the kiddos happy:)

  2. Those are so awesome. I don't think I can even take such great self-portraits! I see one of those fisher-price kid-friendly cameras in your future!


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