Monday, August 10, 2009

Comin' Home!

We had such a fun time visiting Gram and Gramdaddy, but it was finally time to come home. Kayley goofed off in the backseat with Pink-dog while we drove to the airport.
Waiting for our plane.

Self-portrait. We are getting GOOD at these!
Kayley decided she wanted her suitcase in the pic, so I said, SURE!!
Kayley is really proud of her "soupcase."
REALLY, really proud.
Where is our plane?
Is it coming yet?
There it is! We get to travel on the awesome Arizona Cardinals Airbus!
Kickin' back, watchin' in a movie.
Hey, check it out.
Mark Martinez, news anchor for Phoenix Fox 10 was our seat partner.
True story.

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