Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane....

We had to make a trip to Missouri, to find a place to live. We love our Kayley, but we knew that house hunting would be very boring for her, so we opted to fly our cutie out to Reno to spend a week with her Gram & GramDaddy. She loved it...(I cried). But, it went by fast and we are so happy to be back home. There are several blog postings coming up, so make sure you catch them all.

We had so many fun adventures...as a preview we:
-Played in the playhouse
-Went to SDC and got soaked
-Bought the Harry Potter House
-Went to the fair and won Pink-dog
-Took my camera for a swim at the bottom of Lake Tahoe.
-Met Mark Martinez from Fox 10 news.

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