Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For LOVE of Kayley

 Our trip to Salt Lake City involved more than just Maggie's adoption story.  We were thrilled with the opportunity to help Kayley better understand her adoption story by visiting her birthmom Krystin!  We are so blessed to have a wonderful relationship with her and her family.  When we met Krystin 5 years ago it was in a hospital under very stressful conditions.  After placement we were very unsure of when, if ever, Kayley and Krystin would meet again.  Earlier this year Kayley expressed an interest in getting to know Krystin and so we just had to make that happen!  Fortunately for us, Krystin lives near the Salt Lake Temple and we made plans to see her while we were there!  Krystin is such a wonderful woman.   We both expressed nerves at seeing each other but once we were all was like we had known each other forever.  Krystin's husband Jay is great and their totally adorable baby is too cute for words! 

I am so glad that our photographer Kara Simmons was able to snap these pictures of Kayley and Krystin's reunion.  I cannot believe that I was worried.  The whole experience was amazing and I felt so much love for Krystin that I'm not even sure what I could say about it that wouldn't sound like an understatement.

On our way home, we stopped through Denver specifically to see Krystin's parents, her sister and two of her nieces and a nephew.  Again - it was like we had been friends forever.  Sometimes it is easy to forget that not only did Krystin place a daughter, but her parents placed a grandchild.  I was so happy to give Kayley's birth family an opportunity to see Kayley and it is so wonderful for Kayley to have an open relationship with her birth family.

Kayley got along great with her cousin!  
I really, really hope we get to do this again soon!  
Adoption is so amazing!
If/when we have an opportunity to adopt again I hope we are
able to have an open relationship with our birthfamily.
It is so amazing!
We love you Krystin and ALL of your family!!

If you haven't had a chance and would like to, hop on over to Krystin's blog to read her perspective.  Her post makes me cry everytime I read it, so grab a tissue!  :)

Krystin's blog posting:  It's About Love


  1. That is absolutely WONDERFUL!! I love hearing such great open adoption stories. I love the pictures! What a blessing for everyone in your large extended family. :)

  2. Your temple pictures are adorable! I LOVE the dresses and colors and everything. Thanks for letting us be a part of your lives. We sure had a great time!

  3. I left a comment about your pix a while back but I don't see it in the comments something must of happened :( Anyway, now I'm in tears but not because of my lost comment on your beautiful pix but because of your more beautiful story. I just finished ready the birth mother's post and How amazing is it to have that kind of story to reflect on in life. Thanks for sharing and passing us on to her blog too. I loved both posts. Can't wait to see ya again it's been way too long.


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