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Character Concepts for Preschoolers - The Learning Parent

When I first began homeschooling I was truly worried about how be around my children, all day, every day, and still ENJOY being a Stay At Home Mom.  Don't get me wrong, I really, really love my little munchkins, but I was overwhelmed with the thought that we would all be around each other 24/7.   It was at a homeschoolers information meeting where I heard the best advice from another Mom.  She said, "The key to staying home with your kids, and loving it, is training our children to be the kind of kids you love to be around."  Wow.  Why didn't I think of that?

A few months later I was still frustrated and feeling like I had made an unwise decision to homeschool when I had the opportunity to go to our local homeschool conference.  Our key note speakers that week were a family from Virginia, Rick & Marilyn Boyer (parents of 14 children, all homeschooled!)- and I haven't been the same since.  Not only did Marilyn reiterate what the wise mother had said, but she also told me HOW to make it happen through Character Training.

At the end of the conference I bought every audio transcript available by Rick & Marilyn, listened to them over and over and over again, and with excitement, implemented their Character Concepts for Preschoolers curriculum, available through their website The Learning Parent.

Character Concepts for Preschoolers Curriculum includes:

Teacher Guide and Storybook - setting the foundation for learning and emulating good character qualities.  Topics include, Obedience, Patience, Honesty, Gratefulness, Respectfulness and much more!  To use this you can read a real-life story to your child from the storybook, and then use the teachers guide to choose activities that will work well with your child.  The teachers guide also includes Hero's From History and the Bible that are good examples of the character quality you are studying.  Each character quality has a theme to memorize, for example Obedience is doing what is expected of me, immediately, cheerfully and thoroughly.   My daughter can quote these by heart and when we slip up, Mommy can quote this too to encourage back-on-track behavior.

Hands On Character Building - is a book full of fun games and activities that you can use to help your child as you learn the character qualities.

Flash Cards - Character Quality flashcards and Alphabet flashcards to help with memorization of key terms and themes.

Uncle Rick's History for Preschoolers - audio read by Rick teaching real-life history to kids

I was also blessed to receive Uncle Rick Reads the Proverbs for review...  Marilyn recommended playing this audio during quiet time to give my kids a chance to hear the book of proverbs.  In fact, every character quality we need to know is embedded in this book of the Bible.

Let me tell you.  After listening to this audio for about 5 minutes - I immediately thought to myself "This is MY Uncle Rick too!"  I, the Mom, was hungry to hear Rick read the Proverbs to me...not just my kids!  It may seem strange, but it was like inviting MY Uncle Rick into my home so he could help me teach my children.  It is now one of my favorite things to listen to in the car, and Uncle Rick feeds my soul every Sunday during my 30 minute drive to Church.  As Uncle Rick reads through the Proverbs he stops and explains complicated words and concepts.  I cannot wait to get a chance to purchase another audio.  There are so many to choose from!

I am so grateful to Rick & Marilyn Boyer at The Learning Parent for providing me with this opportunity to review the Character Concepts for Preschoolers Curriculum.  Implementing the character qualities in my home has helped me to feel more empowered and confident in homeschooling and encouraged me as a mother.  Thank you - thank you- Thank you!!!

To learn more about Rick & Marilyn or to shop through their awesome products, 
check out their website at The Learning Parent!


  1. I know this post was a long time ago, but I am researching character education for my sweet ones. I see evidence that you are LDS. Am I right? I am so sorry if you are not. Just wondering if you continued using this curriculum and if it went well with our beliefs. Thanks for you help and this ancient post!

    1. Hi Holly! Yes, I am LDS. I have used several of the character training curriculum from Character Concepts and we have enjoyed it. Depending on the ages of your kids I would also recommend researching We Choose Virtues! It is so so good too and I actually do a combination of the 2 now that my kids are getting a bit bigger. :)


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