Monday, October 17, 2011

E-mealz Review

It is no secret in my little family that I do NOT like to cook.  It's true.  I also hate the cleanup that comes from cooking.  But, do you know what I hate the absolute most?  Planning!  I hate planning what I am going to cook, what ingredients I need to cook and shopping for the goodies that I need to make a decent meal.  Now, don't get me wrong, I am not a terrible cook.  I just really, really, don't like it.  So - needless to say I was really intrigued by the opportunity the TOS Crew gave me in reviewing a program called E-mealz!


What is E-mealz?  E-mealz is a simple, easy to use system that takes the guesswork and planning out of family dinner!  Or, in other words, it was exactly what I needed to prepare delicious and inexpensive family meals for my picky eaters without the stress!! 

The E-mealz plans are written by REAL Moms who also have picky eaters, so each menu is child friendly.  Plans are also written based on this weeks sales at YOUR grocery store, so it is budget friendly!  E-mealz plans are also available for special issues like gluten intolerance, vegetarian, portion control, low carb and more! 

How does it work?

E-mealz is so simple!  First your choose your plan.  Plans include:  Regular Meal Plans or Specialty Meal Plans.   (7 meals, for two or for Family, 4-6 people)

Regular Meal Plans are broken up by store.  Choose from:  Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Aldi, Ralphs or a generic "any store" option.  (I tried the Walmart plan for 3 weeks)

Specialty Meal Plans are broken up by specialty.  Choose from:  Gluten free, low carb, vegetarian, portion control, and low fat.  (I also tried the low carb plan for 3 weeks)

Second,  download your recipes, shopping list and head to the store!
Click to see a sample plan: 


 Third, cook your meals and have a fun dinner!  Yum!

 Here are some of the good dinners we enjoyed on a 1 to 4 "Yum" Scale...  1 being "Eww YUCK" and 4 being "WAY Yummy!")

Pepperoni Loaf:  My family gave this dinner 4 Yums Up!  It was so easy to prepare and so tasty!  Perfect for my picky little eaters!  In fact, I have been craving this and might just have to make it again today!  Oh, I should add that even the toddler liked this and the prep/cleanup was minimal.  (Walmart Family Plan) 

Cheeseburgers with Mushrooms & Onions:  3 Yums Up.  My 5 year old gagged over the mushroom & onion part but then again, what 5 year old likes mushrooms and onions?  I thought it tasted pretty good!  (Low Carb Plan)

Sausage & Shrimp Gumbo:   Ohhhh yummy, yummy, yummy.  This got 4 Yums Up!  Even my 4 year old thought it tasted great (and it was a little spicy).  She was really impressed that I put "hot dogs" in it (it was turkey sausage).  I will definitely be making this again!  (Low Carb Plan)

Enchilada Pie:   4 Yums Up!  Even the toddler liked it and wanted more.  In fact, this recipe was so good that I even ended up eating the leftovers for breakfast!  (Walmart Family Plan)

Chicken Chile Verde:  3 Yums Up!  It was too spicy for my littles but the adults LOVED it.  You can bet if I will be making this dish for my next potluck!  This recipe could win awards!  (Low Carb Plan)

What I liked about E-mealz:  I really like the convenience of having recipes and a shopping list lined up.  My family really likes the fact that I am cooking more.  E-mealz is so easy to use and so easy on the budget!  Understandably the prices didn't exactly match up with the list and my Walmart on all items but it was minimal.

What I didn't like about E-mealz:  Dessert?  Not that I eat dessert every day, but I do like to make a dessert once or twice a week.  I would LOVE to see some dessert recipes.  And a few of the items that were considered "staples" were not actually items I keep in the house.  For example, cooking wine and fresh ginger.

How much does it cost?
E-mealz charges $15 every 3 months to your debit or credit card. That's a bargain at only 5$ per month!

To find out more about E-mealz programs click HERE.

To learn more about the creative geniuses behind this awesome program, Jane & Jenny, click HERE.

Ready to join E-mealz and enjoy the convenience and fun of family dinnertime?  Click HERE.

To find out what my fellow crewmates thought of E-mealz, click HERE.


I received E-mealz free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  
All the opinions expressed herein are my own.


  1. I enjoyed your review:) Great idea to get so many pictures of the meals! glad the girls like it--my kids are happy to see "new" dinners too...

  2. Great photos of the meals! I wish I had done that.

    My kids are older, but I think I would have had a few gagging on the mushrooms & onions too... LOL...

    I need to get back to doing this. I need to.


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