Monday, October 10, 2011

Destination Adventure: Temple Square

During our weekend stay in downtown Salt Lake City we had a chance to spend a lot of time puttering around Temple Square!  We were so excited on Sunday Morning to go to a live recording of Music and the Spoken Word with Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  I am not really a fan of MTC (sorry!) but my hubby is and I thought maybe I'd like the choir a whole lot more LIVE so we went.  We arrived pretty late (scraping in at the last minute) and had to sit way up in the front on the side which turned out, in my opinion, to be a really awesome seat!  It was really neat to go and I'd do it again and again if given the chance...

In front of the Tabernacle...

The temple through the trees.

 Inside the Conference Center.  Kayley is staring at the ceiling.  You can tell she was tired (the thumb in the mouth) and thank you to Krystin for giving the girls the little puppy dogs.  They still both carry them around all the time!  Kayley sleeps with hers!
The ceiling.

Inside the conference center... It is HUGE!!~

Gram & Kayley on the escalator.

The Tree of Life in stained glass.

The back of the waterfall...  
I bet they cleaned this later in the week to prepare for conference.  
We probably caught this window at its dirtiest.  lol.

On the roof of the Conference Center.

Could she be any cuter???

Butterfly in the temple gardens on the roof of the Conference Center.

Scenic view.

The conference center.

In the Church History Museum the kids learned about quilting!
One day, while we wandered around we went to eat at a nearby open-air mall and James was pretty sure he saw Kaylee from last seasons The Biggest Loser!  We also picked up a few way too many souvenirs from Deseret Book.  We got an autographed copy of President Monson's book "To The Rescue" - yes! totally autographed by President Monson, Great American Documents for Latter-day Saint Families signed by the author Thomas R. Valletta, new scripture totes, homeschool goodies, audio books, and even to Lion House Pantry waterbottles.  LOL.  

Oh, and if you are looking for a place to eat on Temple Square, I'd 100% recommend the Lion House Pantry.  YUM YUM YUM and very inexpensive!

Temple Square was so much fun.  It is so beautiful.  I really really really want to go back again.  When we were driving away from SLC we both mentioned, "why don't we live here??"  I don't think we will move to UT anytime soon, but it was wonderful to visit.

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  1. Love temple square! We usually go around Christmas to see the lights. Our kids have not been to the conference center, and I haven't been for about 10 years. This post is great inspiration for me to take the kids up there for a day trip and get an official tour. I think it !would be fun


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