Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tornado Unit Study

 'Tis the Season...for tornadoes that is!  After all the scariness of Joplin, the few times already this year that we've had to duck and cover, and the big deal we made out of cleaning out the Harry Potter closet to be our "safe spot," we've raised a LOT of questions over tornadoes.  What is a tornado?  Why is it dangerous?  How are they made?  Since I didn't know a lot of answers it seemed like a perfect opportunity to study tornadoes and do a fun unit study!!
 We read several books on tornadoes includeing the awesome science experiement book from the Quirkles.  (If you have never checked out Quirkles I'd highly recommend!  Our local library has the majority of them and they all have 2 science experiments at the end!).  We also read the fanciful story called "Barn Storm" where a tornado came through a farm and 'rearranged' all the animals!  Very fun!  We created our own tornado in a jar (which would've worked better with a 2 liter bottle but we didn't have one) and completed a lapbook - free materials courtesy of HomeSchool Share!  (
It was fun.  Just in case you are inspired - we had planned to read The Wizard of Oz and do some coloring pages in conjunction with this, but we are STILL waiting on the book from the library.  I thought I was being smart so I requested an audio book since we wouldn't have to wait, but apparently the audio copy I received was the radio-version, not the book version, and I figured we could listen to it anyway, even though it is not the classic story - but it turned out to be scratched and it wouldn't play anyway.  So, we are back to waiting for the book again...  Anyway, I thought it would go along well with a tornado study! 

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