Monday, June 13, 2011

More Pre-Preschool ideas...

 We are not taking the summer off from homeschooling.  We are staying busy with several summer bridge activities.  While Kayley is working on her school work, Maggie stays busy working on her "schoolwork" too!  I have several toys and projects that I have set aside that we ONLY use during school time so they stay interesting.  The Elmo Shape Sorter is fun and we've also learned how to draw and color!  I've found that having Maggie color on a paper plate is easier than paper, since the paper tends to curl up and scoot around while she is drawing...the paper plate is nice and thick and lays flat while she draws.  (I bet card stock would work well too).
 Our local library is AWESOME.  This peg board toy, and the cursive toy in the background, are both available for checkout just like books!  You can keep them for 3 weeks.  We have had fun playing with new toys thanks to our library.  Maggie made this stack all by herself!
 She is pretty pleased with herself.
 I also found these textured "flash cards" online.  They are awesome!  They are "touch and feel".  Mag loves looking at the pictures and identifying the thing on the card.  She already knows the words for kitty, dog, baby, and fishy.  Sort of.  :)

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